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Dog Joy Clinical Canine Massage
Alternative / Complementary Therapies

Dog Joy Clinical Canine Massage

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, Renfrewshire, united-kingdom

Phone: 07904 244 165
Dog Joy Clinical Canine Massage


07904 244 165
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07904 244 165

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Alternative / Complementary Therapies

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United Kingdom


Canine Massage Guild


I am Lia Maxwell, a Clinical Canine Massage Therapist based in Renfrewshire, Central Scotland.
I love working with dogs to improve their Mobility, Agility and Joy.

This begins with pain relief, injury rehabilitation, and a balanced muscular system.
Leading to relaxation in action, and well being. 

I work with Veterinary consent, and Clinical Canine Massage can offer measurable results in just 1-3 sessions.
I provide mobile and studio sessions, depending on your dog’s preference. 

Please see my website for an abundance of info and details!

If your dog has mobility problems, orthopaedic conditions - like arthritis, hip or elbow dysplasia to name a few - or unexplained pain, massage can help.
I have also had good results with improving behaviour and reducing anxiety and stress in nervous dogs. 

Helping with: 

Pain Relief 

Muscle and Soft Tissue injury


Anxiety or Depression

Behaviour issues (often pain related)


Improved Mobility and Strength 

Relaxation, Balance, Wellbeing.

Improved Performance in working/sporting dogs

.....  And A HAPPIER DOG! 



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