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Hounds to Horses Physiotherapy - West Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire

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West Sussex. Surrey, Hampshire, BN11, United Kingdom
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Hounds to Horses Physiotherapy | West Sussex, Surrey & Hampshire Areas

Veterinary physiotherapy is a science based profession that specialises in the assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal issues that are associated with orthopaedic and neurological conditions.




Physiotherapy can assist with the management of many injuries and post operative procedures. Whether it is your family pet or competition animal, any animal can benefit from physiotherapy. Kerrie works closely with the individual patient, owner and veterinary surgeon to ensure the best possible care and treatment  is provided.

A bespoke program of treatment will be designed and tailored to the individual patients needs. Kerrie will be with you every step of the way, ensuring the very best results for your animal.


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Canine Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy may be beneficial for the following conditions:

• Hip dysplasia

• Elbow dysplasia

• Cruciate disease - conservative and post surgery care

• Osteoarthritis

• Stabilised fractures post surgery or trauma

• Spinal Injuries and diseases

• Muscular Injuries

• Ligament and tendon Injuries

• Chronic degenerative radiculomyeopathy

• Wound management

• Neurological dysfunction

• Performance enhancement


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Equine Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy may be beneficial for the following:

• Neck pain - associated with injury, degenerative facet joints or forelimb lameness

• Back pain - associated with saddle aversions, kissing spines or connected to fore or hind limb lameness

• Pelvic pain - associated with injury or conditions such as sacro-iliac disease

• Muscle Injuries

• Tendon and Ligament Injuries

• Lack of core stability

• Low fitness levels and poor muscle development

• Bi-annual check ups

• Performance enhancement


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Treatment therapies and modalities

All treatment plans are bespoke and tailored to the individual animal based on the individual history, clinical assessment and observations. the treatment provided may include a combination of manual therapies, modalities and exercise prescriptions.

Manual therapies; techniques carried out with hands to reduce muscle spasm, relieve pain, reduce adhesions, increase mobility and range of movement as well as help to minimise swelling. These are commonly known as passive stretches, range of movement (ROM) exercises, myofascial release, trigger point release and massage.

Exercise and rehabilitation prescription; exercise and rehab plans ma be devised to further assist in the correction of movement patterns, strengthening of muscles as well as increase ROM. These rehabilitation programmes will differ depending on the patient and their condition / issue. These may include baited stretches, pole work, ground work as well as ridden exercises.

Electrotherapy; this is an umbrella term that is used to describe a range of modalities that can be used to treat many conditions and injuries. For these modalities to be effective it is essential that the therapist has a sound working knowledge of the physics and evidence behind the different items of kit.


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Therapeutic Ultrasound: high frequency mechanical vibrations are delivered by the treatment head / probe. This machine is most effective in promoting tissue healing in tissues that are high in collagen content such as ligaments, facia, tendons, joint capsules as well as scar tissue.

TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation): method of electrical stimulation that is used to provide pain relief without medication. This machine works by stimulating the sensory nerves.

Laser (Acronym; Light Amplified by Stimulated Emission of Radiation): this modality can stimulate the cells of the body that repair tissue, reduce inflammation and transmit pain. It is most effective in superficial vascular tissues such as open wounds, muscle, nerves and tendon sheaths. In addition, high intensity single point lasers can release trigger points and treat acupuncture points instead of needles.

NMES (Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation): this modality delivers an electrical signal to tissues that can be used in the treatment of nerve and muscle injuries, warm up muscles before exercises, provide pain relief, re-educate movement, release muscle spasms as well as increase the circulation.

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Gold Standard

The Register for Animal Musculoskeletal Practitioners (RAMP) lists professionals using Chiropractic, Osteopathic and Physiotherapy techniques for animals.
All those listed gave reached the #Gold Standard of practice set by RAMP. This national organisations standards are comparable to those set worldwide. They are recognised by vets as providing the level of practice quality that vets feel is required for safe referral.

Vets and animal owners can now find an appropriately competent person to provide the services that they require.
The register listing will only show practitioners who are properly qualified and insured. This makes it easier for owners and professionals to make an informed choice.

Further information is found on the RAMP website. Please click here


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Happier Old Boy

I met Kerrie when she came along with my vet to check out my almost 11 year old border collie's lameness. When she returned later that week and carried out heat treatment, massage and stretching the improvement after just one session was amazing and even more surprising was Boots actually njoying the treatment and not acting like a neurotic collie. He now has maintenance treatments but thanks to Kerrie I now have an old boy loving his long walks again.

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After a lot of confusion about my ponies physical health, Kerrie really helped me to understand what was wrong and how best to help!
He has been far better since knowing the tools to help him. Would highly recommend her to anybody, as she is very professional, caring and very good at explaining!!
Very happy customer and pony

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Kerrie picked up on rolo's locking patella and gave lots of helpful advice on how to prevent it from getting worse. She is always friendly and brilliant with the animal when shes come out

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hounds to horses physio

Kerrie was so good with Ozka, my DDB. He was sore and lame on his front leg and the vets didn't really do much apart from put him on pain killers for 10 days. Kerrie came to my house (so convenient) and treated Ozka with red light therapy and a massage, within 48hours he was sound! I can't recommend highly enough. Also she was so good with him, considering he is a giant breed and looks quite intimidating, she didn't test him any different to a Jack Russell (which he thinks he is). Great work and bubbly personality goes along way...very happy customer x

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Oit's Slipped Disc

There are not many physio's that will come out over the Easter weekend to treat a dog! Kerrie came to see my dog with a moments notice and immediately put my mind at ease.

He has a history of a slipped disc and with his last flare up the vets wanted to do major spinal surgery. His insurance now doesn't cover his spine and with the vet recommending another MRI at £2000, I wanted to explore the physio route first! I contacted Kerri through a friends recommendation, and she was great with my dog and he was relaxed with her, so much so that he dosed off during treatment!

After his second treatment he has a much better range of movement and more importantly is able to go about his day with very minimal discomfort. Not only is Oti much more comfortable, my mind has been put at rest knowing that his disc is supported and is not a ticking time bomb!

I have asked Kerrie to have regular appointments with Oti to ensure that he remains comfortable and does not get to the stage where we are rushing him to the vet in the early hours and have them talk about spinal surgery being the only option. I now feel like we are managing his issues and he is in very safe hands.

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Top-Notch physio

kerrie found out the cause to many of my horses problems within one session when other people could not understand what was wrong- including a vet!
she is vastly knowledgeable,professional, and understanding. thanks to kerrie i don't have to pay out enormous X-ray fees when all he had was extremely low muscle tone in his hindquarters she has put simple instructions for me and my yard to follow to improve his tone and core including exercises and stretches.
kerrie has been very helpful and i highly recommend her !

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Every pup loves a physio cuddle!

Kerrie was recommended to my via my vet.
My pup had deformed front legs early on.
After lots of research and discussions with my vet we decided to medically manage te problem.

Kerrie was compassionate, sympathetic and incredibly patient.
She took time to explain the condition to me and helped me to understand the medical side of things and what could be done.

The transformation over a matter of weeks was incredible! I honestly believe that Kerrie played a huge part in this and can't thank her enough! I have one happy pup with fully functioning 'normal' legs!

Obviously Dexter is totally in love with her too after all the fuss and attention he gets!

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5 star physio!!

I was recommended Kerrie via a friend.

I had a litter of puppies, two of which were suffering with 'Swimmers syndrome'.

At the start I wasnt sure what physio would do, but I was blown away! Physio is much more than a quick massage and rubdown!
Both the pups progressed and Kerrie showed me many techniques that I could try at home to help build their muscles to sort the problem!

I am so pleased that I gave it a go and can't thank Kerrie enough for her care for the dogs! I would always recommend her services!

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High standard of care and professionalism!

Kerrie has been treating my cat since he had his cruciate repaired.

It was a difficult time for us as he's not a cat that likes to be handled!

Kerrie soon built a bond with him and was able to help with his rehabilitation process. We've still got a way to go, but I am so impressed so far and I'm certain it's down to Kerrie's patience and care.

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Outstanding service

I would wholeheartedly recommend Hounds to Horses Physiotherapy to anyone!

The service is second to none!
Both of my dogs are on the agility circuit and Kerrie ensures that they are on top condition for their performances.
Mack and Daisy adore Kerrie and they seem rejuvenated after a good massage session!

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Knowledgeable service

Kerrie provides a very knowledgeable service to her clients.
There is no doubt that Kerrie is good at what she does and she put not only my pet, but myself at ease during her consultation.

Initially I wasn't sure that physio would help my dog, but I have noticed a huge difference and Kerrie has certainly changed my views. She takes time to explain what is going on, my dogs condition, options for treatment as well as answering my questions honestly.

Would definitely recommend her.

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Great, informative service

Kerrie ensures that each physio session with either my horses or dogs is of the highest standards.
Kerrie takes time to listen to my concerns and is always sympathetic and compassionate.

When it comes to my horses I can be a little dramatic and I worry over the smallest things! But Kerrie listens and explains her findings thoroughly.
She is always on hand for a quick chat if we need her and is always willing to answer a million questions to the best of her abilities.

I wouldn't go to another physio now that I have met Kerrie.

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five star plus!

Kerrie has been treating my dog for a back injury for a couple of months and even after the first session the difference was quite remarkable. She is patient and gentle and has a real rapport with him. I can one hundred percent recommend her to anyone whose animal needs treatment. We shall miss her visits when his treatment is complete.

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Excellent Services!

Excellent standard of care provided for my cat.
Knowledgeable and sympathetic.
Thoroughly recommend Hounds to Horses Physiotherapy for Physio services in the South East.

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Excellent work

Kerry has been treating my stroppy mare that has saddle aversion and a bruised back after she treats my mare she always feels good as new, she always explains what she feels in her back and treats it throughly and also explains what i can do myself to help my horse.

would highly recommend her to anyone!

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5* physiotherapist

Kerrie diagnosed and treated my dog and has also assessed and treated my horse following injuries.
The attention to detail is second to none, I wouldn't trust anyone else to deliver such high quality and knowledgable service as Kerrie does. My boys wouldn't be doing so well and bounced back as quick if it weren't for Hounds to Horses :)

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Hounds to Horses helped my Chihuahua regain muscle lost after he broke his back leg and required surgery.

I can not recommend them enough. Always helpful and extremely knowledgeable. Helped my dog regain his active lifestyle.

Thank you!

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Informative Service

Kerrie originally came to see my horse for back complications due to a saddle aversion.

Kerrie was incredibly thorough and explained everything that was happening, ensuring that I understood the complications as well as potential causes for the condition.

I 100% recommend Kerrie and Hounds to Horses Physio!

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Great service

I've been using Kerrie for physio on my Cat on and off for a few months. After an operation on my cats back legs (she was hit by a car last Christmas) Kerrie has been great source for advice and support and has helped a lot. Lovely girl, great service I would definitely recommend.

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Excellent service

The service in which my dog received was fantastic. Kerrie was thorough and informative.
Thoroughly recommend

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