Caring For Your Dogs During The Autumn Months


Caring for your dog is something that you do automatically but as the summer months come to an end, are you aware of the risks that you dog faces during the autumn months?

These risks could cause problems for your dog’s health and this highlights the importance of looking after your dog in the correct way. There are many dangers out there during the autumn months and understanding them will ensure that your dog remains safe.

Fleas can be a problem all year round but during the autumn months when people begin to heat up their homes, fleas can continue to cause problems for your dog. The way to deal with this potential problem is to treat the whole house with a flea treatment (like the Acclaim Household Flea Spray), that way you can be sure that the home is flea-free. A vet will be able to recommend a product that works and will continue to work for as long as possible.

Some fleas are difficult to find especially the likes of harvest mites. When checking your pet for fleas during the autumn months, check the areas that are commonly targeted such as the abdomen, ears and paws.

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Homeowners have a number of problems to deal with such as insects and rodents and this means that they use pesticides. These products are extremely toxic and dangerous to your pet should they ingest it and it can lead to severe illness or even death. When it comes to using these products, make sure you use them in places that are not accessible to your dog and also do your best to keep an eye on them should they be affected by these products.

Children are notorious for leaving their toys and other play items around the home. This can range from small toys that can be ingested to the likes of paint and even glue, all of which can cause problems for your dog and its health. Make sure that the children put away all toys because your dog could experience stomach problems should they swallow one of these items.

Dogs love to spend time sniffing the ground and this does mean that they could come across mushrooms and other hazardous products. If you believe that your dog has swallowed a mushroom and you are unsure whether it is poisonous or not, then do not leave it to chance. Give your vet a call. One of the other outdoor problems that dogs can experience is the effects of ingesting conkers. If a dog has swallowed a conker they are likely to experience abdominal discomfort, vomiting and drooling as well as other symptoms. Poisoning is rare but it is possible so try to avoid them.


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Topping up your car levels during the autumn months in preparation for the winter is common practice for car owners but antifreeze is toxic to dogs and they are often lured in by its sweet taste. Stop your dog from drinking water from puddles in areas where cars are parked.

In the same way as humans, dogs can have trouble with their joints and this means that the cold weather can cause them problems. Consider purchasing them a coat and try not to spend too much time outside with them when the weather is especially cold.


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