Keeping Your Dog Safe at The Beach

Keeping Your Dog Safe at The Beach ©Twilight Bark


Sea You at The Beach 

Summer has finally arrived and I’m sure, like me, you may feel even more inspired to find exciting walks for you and your dog, so you can enjoy the Summer sunshine together. One such place is the beach!

Whilst a number of beaches are restricted to dogs during the peak season of May - October, there are still plenty for you to explore.

Here are my five top tips to ensure you keep your dog safe when visiting...

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Tip One

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Sand Can Be Hot For Little Paws Too!

I’m sure we’ve all been on holiday and have experienced the searing heat from hot sand when rushing to the sea. Ouch!

The same can be said for our dogs. If the sand is too hot for you to walk on barefoot, it’s also too hot for your four-legged friends paws.


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Tip Two

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It Can Still Be Hot, Even With A Sea Breeze

Many of us head to the beach in the Summer to enjoy the cool sea breeze...but this lovely little breeze can also provide a false sense of security, as it can actually be masking the real heat.

Try to avoid going to the beach during the hottest times of the day. Early mornings or early evening are often best.

Exposure to sunshine and high temperatures can lead to heatstroke, even when you least expect it.

A walk during the cooler part of the day can help to avoid such situations occurring. Dogs really struggle to regulate their body temperature, so always bear this in mind.


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Tip Three

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Keep Your Dog Hydrated & Cool

It’s thirsty work having fun on the beach and in the same way you and I wouldn’t want to drink the sea water, the same applies to your dog; in fact, it may even make them ill.  As we all know, sea water is extremely salty and ingesting too much of it can cause stomach problems and even sickness in some cases.

To avoid temptation, always ensure your dog has access to fresh water so they’re not tempted to have a sip from the sea! If you’re staying at the beach for more than a little walk, ensure you bring a parasol to provide your dog with some shade to rest under too.

Just because you may want to top up your tan, your dog won’t feel the same way! A shaded area will also help avoid heatstroke as mentioned in Tip Two.


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Tip Four

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Not All Dogs Like The Sea!

Whilst there are many breeds of dogs who love any opportunity to become ‘soggy doggys’ there are many who may not.

Whichever category your dog falls into, never force your dog into the water; they may become panicked which could lead to an accident. Always be patient and let them discover the sea at their own pace.That being said, whilst some dogs may be wary, there are others who may be over eager (and they obviously won’t be aware of hidden dangers, such as the tide!)

Always be wary and respect the power of the sea!!!

It’s worth bearing in mind some breeds of dogs may be more suited to the beach life than others (e.g. those with flat faces may struggle with swimming due to their breathing and other dogs with very heavy coats are likely to particularly struggle with heat during the height of the summer, so the seaside may not always be the best place for them).

Also worth considering is that the sea and sand can in some cases cause skin irritations for some dogs, so always rinse your dog with clean water to avoid any discomfort for your four-legged friends. I find sand often really likes to gather under the ‘armpits’ of my dogs!!


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Tip Five

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Be Prepared

Accidents can happen anywhere unfortunately, so if you’re visiting an unknown area which is far from home, always be sure to know where your nearest vet practice is, in case of an emergency.

The Good Vet & Pet Guide provide you with an easy search function, so it’s worth checking before you head out to the beach.

It is also worth carrying a first aid kit with you, just so you’re prepared for all eventualities.


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So there we go! ..... Five tips which I hope are helpful. The most important thing when exploring new places or unusual terrains with your dog though is to HAVE FUN!!

There are so many incredible places out there for us and our dogs. Enjoy them!

Does your dog love the beach?

Why not Tweet us a picture or post a photo on Facebook, so we can see the fun you have together!

Sarah, Ted & Millie



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