Is Your Dog Carer licensed?

What to Look For in A Home Dog Boarding Service

All too often you may come across an advert in your local paper or on a notice board that offers home dog boarding.

They may look the part and they may even sound lovely on the phone but do you know what questions you need to asking and considerations you need to take into account prior to leaving your beloved pooch in their care?

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1.  Ask to see a copy of their Home Dog Boarding license from their local council. It is a legal requirement and anyone who wants to board dogs should have one!

2. If using a dog boarding service, you should be invited to see where your dog is staying and meet the carer with whom you will be trusting the welfare of your beloved pooch

3. Ask to see a copy of the carers’ public liability insurance.

4.  Will your dog be walked on a lead at all times? This is a necessity and is a requirement of the public liability insurance.

5. Ask to see the garden when visiting the dog boarder. Is it secure, if there’s a pond is it covered, is the garden clear of any waste that could prove a hazard?

6.  And finally, trust your gut instincts! If for any reason you don’t feel comfortable with the dog boarder or there is something that is niggling you…or even your dog…take it as a sign and walk away!

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