It's Holiday Season.....But Where Will Your Dog Stay While You Are Away?

With the start of Summer supposedly here (minus a few thunderstorms!) thoughts turn to holidays with family and friends. Whilst a growing number of us are taking advantage of the increasingly popular dog friendly holidays around the UK, sometimes it's not always feasible to take your dog with you if you're going a little further afield! So what happens to your four-legged friend while you're away?

I'm fortunate to have a willing mum nearby who looks after Ted but that's not possible for everyone. So we spoke to the lovely Lisa Suswain from Wagging Tails; a brilliant home dog boarding company who told us all about how her home dog boarding works, as well as some helpful tips about what you should be looking for when finding a carer for your dog while you're away.





Years ago, the only option for dog owners going on holiday was to leave your dog with family, friends or in kennels. While there may be good kennels out there, the surroundings are often so different to a home environment, leaving many dogs stressed. The result? Stressed dog = stressed owner! Enter Wagging Tails who want to remove the stress and provide your dog with a holiday as well as you (well it seems only fair your dog should be having fun too!)

Established in 2007, Wagging Tails recognise dogs are family members, so all dogs are cared for in an actual home by one of their carefully selected carers across the UK.



Wagging Tails want owners to feel comfortable with the carer who will be looking after their dog, so before going on holiday, owners, carers and dogs meet up at the carers home. In fact, they insist on it. This gives all parties the chance to meet and even more importantly allows the dog to become familiar with the human they'll be staying with for the next week or two.

This means when the time comes for the dog to stay with the carer, the dog will feel more comfortable and it won't come as such a shock when the humans depart for their holiday. Sounds perfect to us!!


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By using Wagging Tails, your dog can expect:

One to one interaction with a carer (e.g. your dog isn't going to be with lots of other dogs but will be spoilt with love and attention all to themselves!)

If your dog prefers the company of other dogs though, they can be paired with a carer who has their own sociable dog, so your dog can have a fun partner to play with!

A carer who is fully licensed by individual councils and fully insured too

Fun walks, new sights and smells

Owners can expect regular photos and videos should they require them

Peace of mind!


There are a lot of people offering to look after your dog on the Internet, but how can you tell the good from the bad? We asked Lisa for her top 3 tips based upon the successful Wagging Tails format:

1. Visit them! As an owner, you should always have the opportunity to visit the place where your dog will be staying while you're away. Alarm bells should probably start ringing if you can’t.

2. Introduce dogs. If your dog is staying somewhere where another dog is present, always make sure you meet with them beforehand to check they're going to get on. You don't want to be away and find there's a problem!

3. Check if the carer is licensed and insured. This means the carer has been independently verified, giving extra credibility and in turn providing extra peace of mind.


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From speaking with Lisa, Wagging Tails sounds like the perfect home from home experience for any dog in our opinion! In fact some dogs enjoy their stay so much, they visit every year (or even more frequently!) Some clients even travel from as far as Spain to use Wagging Tails which also says a lot. The main point which stood out for us though is knowing the dogs come first. Yes each carer could look after multiple dogs at the same time, but Wagging Tails want to ensure your dog is always the priority. We love this! Most Wagging Tails carers are retired individuals who have time but don't want the commitment of a dog of their own. They all have experience of dogs though and you can guarantee your dog will be loved by the carer as if he/she were their own dog.

If you're interested in finding out more about Wagging Tails either as an option to board your dog or if you'd like to find out more about becoming a carer, just follow the link HERE.

In the meantime, a big THANK YOU to Lisa for speaking with us. We think Wagging Tails sounds fantastic!

Until then, see you next time everyone!

Sarah & Ted xxx

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