Sharing is Caring! ... How Social Media Keeps Pets Safe

While many pet owners will use the web to share pictures of their furry friends, or to find deals on pet care goods, you may be surprised to know that the internet is a great tool for keeping your animals safe.

Facebook and Twitter have become invaluable platforms for getting news out quickly through networks, whether it be on a local or global basis. Pet owners in particular can make use of social media, not just to keep their own pets safe, but to quickly spread messages of caution to others.




For instance, recently there have been a spate of thefts as fraudsters have used online selling sites to advertise puppies for sale, asked for money in advance and never produced the puppies. This has left a number of people out of pocket, and as the money is usually requested through a Western Union transfer, it cannot be traced. Warnings about these activities have been quickly circulated around social media, and publicising the scam means that fewer people should become victims.

There have also been reports of deliberate poisonings of cats and other animals in Baxenden and Leeds. The would-be killers use various objects and substances such as screws, ball bearings and rat-poison-stuffed marshmallows. While it is appalling that anyone would purposely set out to cause harm to pets, it’s reassuring to know that thee online community is able to get the news out quickly and put owners on high alert.

It’s also been reported that cats in Calne and Wroughton are at risk from airgun shots, as three cats have been shot. Two had to undergo surgery to remove the pellets, while the third tragically had to be put to sleep as a result of its injuries.

Though Facebook and Twitter are great places to show people how much you love your pets, it’s important to remember what a useful resource it is for keeping your furry family away from harm.





Article by Elena Barnard and I’m a dog-owner, fish-keeper, bunny-adopter, horse-rider and a blogger for Animal Friends Insurance. I’m here to give you all the latest on animal welfare, our charity work, pet care, and bits and bobs about our animal chums from all over the planet, be they furry, feathered or fishy!

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