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Jet Pet Resort Olympic Village

Our Olympic Village facility serves as the first, fully-customized Dog Purposeful facility in North America – meaning that we designed it, from the ground-up, entirely from the perspective of a dog! It means that every detail of our Dog Daycare & Boarding Resort is designed with a dog’s perspective in mind. Through research and consultation with canine experts we have eliminated stress triggers and developed ways to provide routine while your pet is in our care – from how and where your dog socializes, with whom, and what they encounter through smells, sights, sounds, and textures. Dog Purposeful – designed for and inspired by dogs.

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When it comes to your pet, you want to be sure that you’re doing the best by them possible. Luckily, we here at Jet Pet Resort can help you give them the top standard of care and support that they need. Our team is passionate about pets and we have made it our goal to offer the best possible pet care services and support for your pooch. So, make sure that your dog is given the caring pet boarding support they need, without compromise!

About Us

Here at Jet Pet Resort, we think that our pets deserve more than a substandard, minimal boarding service. That’s why we opened our pet resort with your pet’s happiness in mind. We are a team of pet lovers. We strive tirelessly to provide authentic, inspired pet care and pet boarding services, and we treat every pet like a member of our own family – so you can be sure they’ll be given the 5* treatment when staying with us.

Since 2010, we have been offering a selection of pet care services to help you keep your beloved canine companion happy and healthy. We also offer cat boarding services, too, to make sure there’s a solution for your beloved pet!

Our Services

Dog Boarding and Daycare 

The service we are arguably most well-known for is our dog boarding and daycare service. Our dog boarding is the ideal solution for when you’re away and need someone to look after your canine companion. We treat your dog as part of the family while they’re here with us; that means all the home comforts they could desire and plenty of fuss and cuddles to help them fit in and relax with us. We’ll send you daily Facebook updates on how your pooch is getting on, too, so you can be confident that they’re happy while staying with us.

Cat Boarding

We offer 5-star cat boarding facilities for your four-legged friend, always focusing on making your cat feel at home. Our cat boarding services are designed to keep your cat calm and happy, which is why we’ve tailored our rooms to make sure they have everything your cat might want. Far more than a basic cattery, we offer a home-away-from-home for your cat!

Private suites, scratching posts, cat toys, and plenty of one-to-one attention (if your cat is the cuddly sort and wants the fuss, anyway – we know many are independent!) Whatever your cat might need, we can cater for.

Dog Grooming

Keeping your dog well-groomed is a vital part of helping them to stay healthy and happy. Imagine the spa-fresh feeling; that’s what we offer for your pet, because why should you compromise? Our specialist pet stylists are on hand to perfectly tailor your pooch’s look to their unique personality!


If you have been looking for the best pet care services in and around Vancouver and Richmond BC, our team here at Jet Pet Resort can help. To learn more about our unique pet care services, visit our Jet Pet Resort website or check our boarding and pet care services. Our team can be called on 604-238-7387. Alternatively, visit us on one of our social media pages or send us a message from the contact us form on our website!

Jet Pet Resort Description 2

Have you been looking for somewhere in and around Vancouver for your pet while you’re away? Founded in 2010, we here at Jet Pet Resort take a different approach to pet care services – and that’s why so many people choose us to look after their beloved four-legged friends. Our mission is a simple one: to provide the highest quality pet care services for all of our clients. We work with a few simple motives: to provide tenacious, authentic, and inspired pet care support. We’ll never settle for second best services, and that’s why you won’t find anyone more suitable to look after your pet!

Pet Boarding and Daycare 

If you need to go away for the day, or you’ve got a trip booked, you might not be able to take your beloved four-legged friend along with you. Don’t worry, though; we provide premium dog and cat boarding and daycare services for our customers in and around Vancouver.

For us, standard kennel and cattery services simply aren’t good enough. Many pets find themselves stressed and depressed when they’re locked away in a kennel while their owners have a great time – and your beloved pet deserves better than this.

Luckily, our boarding and daycare services are designed as the ultimate pet getaway. Far from being stressed, we do our utmost to ensure your pet quickly settles into their new home-away-from-home when they board with us. 

We have fitted our pet resort suites with all of the home comforts that your pet will enjoy, including sofas, beds, and the like. We have invested in all of the toys and equipment that your pet might want to make sure they’re living the high-life while they stay with us, complete with scratches and cuddles from our friendly and pet-passionate team!

Dog Grooming

As well as providing premium pet boarding services, we can also help with your dog’s grooming needs. After all, to keep your dog looking and feeling at his best, you need to make sure his coat is given the TLC it needs.

Give your pooch the TLC and spa treatment that he deserves with our dog grooming spa. Our specialist pet grooming stylists are on hand to help your pet be their best self!

Why Choose Us?

So, why choose us for your pet’s boarding, daycare, or grooming needs? There are a few things that set our team aside from the rest, including the following points:

  • We treat your pet like part of the family! For us, making sure your pet is calm and comfortable during their stay with us is vital – no matter how long or how short this should be. So, you can be confident that your pet will get all the cuddles and comfort they need!
  • Our team shares our passion for pets! That’s why everyone who works in our pet resort will have your pet’s needs at the forefront of their mind at all times. So, you can be confident of top-quality care for your pooch or feline friend when you book them in with us.


When it comes to top-class pet care, our team here at Jet Pet Resort is whom you need to help. To find out more about how we can help, visit our Jet Pet Resort Vancouver website or check our pet care services. Give us a ring on 604-238-7387, send us a message from the contact us form on our website, or even send us a message from our social media pages!

Jet Pet Resort Description 3


Here at Jet Pet Resort, our primary mission is to make sure your pet is given the highest standard of care and attention possible. After all, your pet is part of your family, but when you go away for the day or on holiday, you might find that you can’t take them with you.

That’s where our team comes in, though! We specialize in providing the best pet boarding, daycare, and grooming services for all of our clients’ beloved four-legged friends. So, when you go away, you can be confident that your pet will be having the holiday of a lifetime with us as well.

Who We Are

So, who are we? Here at the Jet Pet Resort, we are a team of individuals who are passionate about pets – and we think they deserve more than just a substandard boarding service. After all, your pet is part of the family, so why should they have to suffer in a cold, bare cage when you’re not around?

Our pet resort facilities change this. We consider your pet part of our family while they’re staying with us. Hence, we’ve designed our pet resort to make it as homely as possible – complete with genuine beds and furniture. So, your beloved dog won’t have to stress or worry when in our care because we can make sure they’re given the most comfortable boarding experience.

Our Values

Our values at Jet Pet Resort govern everything we do. We work tirelessly to create an environment that’s friendly and welcoming both for our staff and the pets in our care, making our resort a wonderful place for everyone. We strive to provide services that are inspired and authentic to our brand. Finally, we work with tenacious dedication and a playful approach to pet care. These values ensure everything is done to the most exacting standards possible while always staying friendly and fun!

Our Pet Care Services

Boarding and Daycare 

Our brand was founded with pet boarding and daycare services in mind. We provide the highest standard of boarding services and always do our all to ensure your pet is calm and settled with us. After all – why should your pet have to suffer a miserable time in a plain, uninspired cattery or kennel? 

We make sure your pet’s time with us – no matter how long they are staying in our pet resort – is fun, enjoyable, and stress-free. We have all of the best amenities and facilities to ensure your pet’s happiness, which is why we’re the number one Vancouver and Richmond pet care facility.

Dog Grooming

As well as premium pet care and boarding, we also offer dog grooming by our very own professional dog stylists. Give your canine companion that “fresh from the spa” feeling!

Contact Us To Learn More!

If you’ve been looking for top-class pet care services, our team is here to help. Find out more from our Vancouver and Richmond Jet Pet Resort website or check our boarding and grooming services page. Alternatively, feel free to give us a ring on 604-238-7387, use the simple contact us form on our website, or even get in touch through our social media pages!


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Going on holiday or away for the day is hugely exciting, but it’s often a less thrilling experience for your pet. That’s why we here at the Jet Pet Resort have made it our goal and mission to provide pets with the best boarding facilities for when their owners aren’t able to take them along for the trip! So, if you have been thinking of going on holiday or won’t be around for a few days – why not give your pet a little vacation of their own at our luxury pet resort?

Our Services

We offer a selection of different services for our customers and their pets, including the following:

  • Dog boarding
  • Dog daycare
  • Cat boarding
  • Dog grooming

About Us

Often when we travel, we can’t bring our pets along with us. This is the case both for business and pleasure travel – and so, you might find that you need to get professional help to look after your pet. But, all too often, these professional kennels and catteries won’t give your pet the same level of attention and care as you would at home.

Luckily, we here at the Jet Pet Resort have made it our mission to offer something a bit different from the normal services. For us, nothing is more important than ensuring your pooch or feline friend is given the utmost care and attention, and that’s why we haven’t spared any expense.

Our Facilities

We’ve invested in the best facilities and equipment possible for our pet resort. After all, we are passionate about providing your pets with all the home comforts they could need to be happy. Our suites are kitted out with furnishings that your pet would expect from being at home, including plush beds, armchairs and sofas, and the like, to help them settle in for their stay with us. But that’s not all. 

Our canine guests can enjoy access to our gated outdoor and indoor courtyards, the ideal way to stretch their legs and get some exercise in. Meanwhile, we’ve created the feline suites and Cat Lounge with everything your cat might need to exhibit natural behaviors and feel at home. Some of the options we offer for the cats in our care include scratching posts, games, and toys that they could possibly want to relax and feel at home.

What Makes Our Pet Resort Different?

Our facilities are designed to help settle your pet into our resort ASAP. It’s as far from the stressful experience your pet might go through in a generic kennel or cattery as possible. Indeed, our resort facilities really will be your pet’s home away from home!

Our friendly and pet-passionate staff is on hand at all times to make sure your pet is given the TLC and attention they crave. They won’t want for anything when they stay with us – and you’ll reap the rewards with a contented, healthy, and relaxed pet when you return from your trip!

So, if you want to learn more about us, don’t delay! Find us on social media, call us on 604-238-7387, or check out the Jet Pet Resort website and learn more about our boarding services for your pet! 

Jet Pet Resort Description 5

There are a huge number of kennels and catteries in Vancouver and Richmond – but few can offer quite the same caring pet boarding services as our team here at Jet Pet Resort! Indeed, we have made it our mission to help people just like you find the perfect solutions for their pets’ boarding needs. That’s why we’ve created some of the most luxurious boarding facilities for your cat or dog. After all, your pet is a part of the family; give them a holiday they’ll never forget at our resort, too!

The History Behind Jet Pet Resort

Jet Pet Resort was founded in Richmond, BC, by a team of passionate pet enthusiasts in 2010. The company went from strength to strength, with growing numbers of families discovering the huge benefits that caring boarding services can offer their beloved family pet.

Then, in 2014, the brand was purchased by Release the Hounds, a top-rated dog walking team in Vancouver. This would lead to two new pet Jet Pet Resorts being opened in North Vancouver and Olympic Village. The new sites were a huge move for the brand and gave even more families the chance to treat their pet to a friendly and welcoming boarding solution instead of stressful and uninspired cattery and kennel alternatives.

Our Pet Facilities

Our facilities are designed with your pet in mind. Our expert designers have finished every suite to the highest of standards. This passion ensures that your pet will enjoy the finest luxuries while staying with us.

From our indoor and outdoor courtyards to the species-specific Lounges and on-site staff whose job is to ensure your pet gets the attention they need, you can be confident of the best boarding services possible when you book your pet at a Jet Pet Resort.


We offer a selection of different services for your pet across our three JetPet resorts in Richmond and Vancouver. Services include:

  • Dog boarding and daycare – Our dog suites are designed with the utmost attention to detail, ensuring your canine companion can relax at our pet resort. Standard kennel services can be stressful for your pooch, but our pet resort is designed to help your dog enjoy his new home away from home to the fullest. We also implement our expert-designed Dog Purposeful approach to make sure that everything is ideal to meet your dog’s requirements.
  • Cat boarding and daycare – Your cat deserves the chance to be themselves, but standard catteries can limit these behaviors. At the Jet Pet Resorts, cats can enjoy access to our fully equipped Cat Lounge, where they can enjoy all of the cat toys, games, and scratching posts they could need. Cuddles from our staff are always on offer to keep your cat happy!
  • Dog grooming – to look and feel his best, your pooch needs regular grooming to keep his coat silky smooth and shiny. Luckily, our professional pet stylists are on hand to give your pet the grooming they need to keep them healthy and happy!


Your pet deserves the best – after all, they’re a part of the family too. Treat them to relaxed, welcoming, and fun pet boarding or grooming with our team today. So, don’t compromise or leave your pet to stress. To learn more, you can find us on social media, give us a ring on 604-238-7387, or take a look at our JetPet Resort website and learn more about our daycare, grooming, and boarding services!

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Jet Pet Resort Olympic Village
Jet Pet Resort Olympic Village
Jet Pet Resort Olympic Village
Jet Pet Resort Olympic Village
Jet Pet Resort Olympic Village
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