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 Business Of The Month June 2019

Top Dog Hertfordshire Training School 

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Top Dog is a professional dog training school for pet dogs. Using a specific hand-feeding method and fun games, we strive to change your dog's behaviour, increase focus and give you the skills to develop a fantastic bond between you and your dog.


​​Located in the beautiful countryside on the outskirts of Whitwell, their school benefits from secure fencing so you can train your dog in safety, in a realistic environment. They have classes suitable for all levels and are accredited to teach specific dog sports such as Scentwork (with the chance to enter Scentwork UK trials) and hoopers.

Classes are a combination of basic obedience, nose-work, agility, gundog work, tricks and other dog sports. That way, everyone has a chance to shine and find their strongest skill set. The essential part of their training is to have fun, both for the handler and the dog!

They also provide 121 lessons to work on specific issues, whether in the comfort of your own home or at their training field.

For customers based in or near Barton-Le-Clay, they also offer a 'Walk and Train' and 'Drop in Training Service'.




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Client Reviews Received June 2019


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Top marks for Top Dog Herts

We introduced our choccy lab, Moose, to Top Dog quite late in his development. Although lovable, he was boisterous, ill-mannered and jumped on everyone he met (people and canines). With the help of excellent trainers, Lexi and Natalie, we learnt to understand what his motivations were and what his behaviour was telling us and, more importantly, how to work with it.

With the help of Lexi and Natalie’s vast experience, canine knowledge, energy and enthusiasm, we have seen Moose turning into a better behaved dog - sometimes even really good!

The use of fun games and tricks for training and hand feeding has really made a difference. Moose is a work in progress but, I guess, training your dog is. Lexi and Natalie never gave up on him, even when we were at our wit’s end. We can’t recommend highly enough. Would give 10 stars if we could


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Simply the best

Lexi and Natalie are fantastic trainers making it fun for both the dog and the owner.

Bertie is a dog you can take anywhere and that’s largely due to the wonderful training we had with TopDog.

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Fantastic team

Cannot recommend Top dog highly enough, they have helped my daughter's confidence grow so much while teaching us training techniques to produce well-behaved dog and we had great fun doing it. Great for the whole family xx


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Top doc Hertfordshire

I’ve attended training sessions at Top Dog Hertfordshire with my Labrador for well over a year, the lesson duration is for just over one hour and so far we have passed the bronze level and working on the silver level. The lessons are entertaining and informative aimed more at the owners. Lexi and Natalie are patient and thorough, close attention is given to the dog and owner during each exercise.

The training ground has a full complement of apparatus for training purposes.
Private lessons are also available from either Natalie or Lexi, they are both qualified trainers with many years of experience and highly recommended.


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The training one receives is excellent.
Alex is knowledgeable, understands dogs and humans well.
The variety of occasional guest trainers from all over the country are an additional bonus, confirming her sentiments behind training methods.
In addition, she's a lovely person and spreads sunshine amongst with the welfare of the canines uppermost in mind.


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