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Malamute Matters - Helping Rescue Dogs In Need
Charities & Rescues / Rehoming

Malamute Matters - Helping Rescue Dogs In Need


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Malamute Matters is a non-profit charity run entirely by volunteers. Their aim is to provide financial aid and support to alleviate the strain on dog rescues and to assist individual rescue dogs in need. 



Malamute Matters has an extensively stocked shop which boasts a wide variety of clothing and merchandise for dog lovers, as well as top quality products and delicious treats for dogs! 100% of profit made on shop sales is donated to dog rescues and emergency cases. Click here for more information



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Every donation - no matter how small - makes a difference.  




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Pet Blog

2023-05-05 00:36:27

Hi Glyn,  There could be all sorts of things going on here depending on his age, breed and medical history. Some breeds, like the

2023-05-05 00:34:15

I have a 19-week-old male guinea pig, he's indoors, an only pig, and is handled daily, he's on good feed, plenty of fresh vegs, fruit, and

2023-05-05 00:33:38

My dog is an extremely fussy eater and thin because of this. He's a happy healthy young boy - can you advise how to encourage

2023-05-05 00:33:10

When I got her, she was in just a tank with a water bowl. No hide house, no basking light, no branches to climb; nothing. She has all that now

2023-05-05 00:32:19

I have a rescue dog who is very nervous about men & strangers, but she will not let me near her to clip her nails or put drops in her ears if