Wetnose Animal Aid

Wetnose Animal Aid, Newgate Lodge, 7 Newgate, Kirby Cane, Bungay, Suffolk, NR35 2PP., United Kingdom
+44 (0)1508 518650
Wetnose Animal Aid

Wetnose is all about helping the lesser well known Centres and small groups that nobody gets to hear about.

We all know who the bigger ones are but the smaller Centres involved in helping animals which need homes or help because they are sick or injured, yet they are not eligible for government aid, or Lottery Grants or other financial assistance, many do not have enough funds to be a Registered Charity as this to can cost thousands of pounds.

We hope Wetnose will fill that gap by generating funds which can then be allocated according to need, once accounts and paperwork has been checked and verified". Wetnose will be on-going every year.







Wetnose Animal Aid is raising funds that will be given to struggling Animal Rescue Centres to help pay off vets bills, buying equipment or animal feed which would go a long way to helping them in their day to day invaluable work. These Rescue Centres are experiencing a marked downturn in donations, but a noticeable increase in animals being ‘dumped’ on them, as owners continue for various reasons not to be able to keep their animals. That equation does not balance, and therefore this Wetnose Day is an important event to help raise serious levels of funds to get the balance back.

So why not hold your own FUNdraising event to help this fantastic cause. You can find some great ideas on the Fundraising Ideas page along with event registration and sponsorship forms. Thank you very much on behalf of all the sick and vulnerable animals you will for your help.

Raising Funds For Sick And Vulnerable Animals

Wetnose Day

"Do something daft to make us laugh!"

"Wear a nose and give us a pose!"



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