Bid To Save A Stray

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Bid To Save A Stray

Friends of Targoviste Rescued Dogs

Friends of Targoviste Rescued Dogs was set up to support Cristina Paun at her private shelter in Targoviste Romania currently rescuing dogs from within the Targoviste area.

Our aim is to save as many dogs as possible from the public shelter and streets and offer them the chance of a loving home.
Many of our dogs have been through traumatic experiences at the hands of the "dog catchers" in PS and need special attention from Cristina and her team.

All of our dogs have one thing in common they deserve a loving home,and since Dec 2013 we have homed in excess of 2500 all over the EU including UK, Germany, Holland & Switzerland.


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We set up BID TO SAVE A STRAY and received Charity Status as A Charitable Incorporated Organisation. Our aim was to clear the public shelters "one by one till they are empty" and at the beginning of September 2014 we achieved this mamoth task.

THE PUBLIC SHELTER WAS EMPTY FOR 2 MONTHS! We currently have over 1200 dogs, our next aim is to clear the streets of Targoviste of all strays. You can help by donating, adopting or sponsoring.

Or why not have a look at our fundraising pages on Facebook Friends of Targoviste Rescued Dogs and Bid to Save a Stray's Life.


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Fundraising events on facebook

Bid to Save a Stray's Life auction site
Auction site with a something for everyone at bargain prices.
Various raffles, scratch cards and other fund raising initiatives available on Friends of Targoviste Rescued Dogs FB page

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Bid to Save a Stray - Friends of Targoviste Rescued Dogs - Romanian dog rescue. Registered Charity 1157768

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