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Debbie McLeod - Life After Loss
Cremation & Memorial Services

Debbie McLeod - Life After Loss

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Phone: 07738 374 588
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Cremation & Memorial Service

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Practical Steps to help you through the grieving process

Transforming Life After Loss

Debbie McLeod is a gifted Spiritual Teacher who delights in helping people to express their inner brilliance by gaining access to their innate wisdom and higher intuitive self.  

She uses her unique talents and a variety of spiritual, healing and creative techniques to support this process.


debbie McLeod


There are times in our lives when it seems there is nowhere to turn. We feel like nobody else will understand. We feel alone in our pain & frustration and feelings of fear and hopelessness can overwhelm us.

 'Best Friends Forever' is an inspirational book which shows Debbie’s enormous affinity with animals and how she truly understands their place in our families and in our hearts.


Best Friends Forever


She has woven the real-life stories and poetry that she has collected from pet owners into a perceptive and caring exploration of the topic of pet loss.

Her unique approach, based on thirteen years of professional expertise, gives a spiritual perspective on loss and grief, enabling healing and closure on this sensitive subject. 

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This powerful, practical guide combines compassionate thoughts of loss with easy-to-grasp concepts; the reflections at the end of the chapters will give you the opportunity to move through any unexpressed grief that you may have and to find ways of acknowledging and managing your emotions.

When a pet dies, the anger, sadness and fear can be overwhelming. There is a need to give respect to the grief that is experienced; a need to honour that unbreakable bond, and to value and acknowledge a unique relationship built on unconditional love, trust, and kindness.


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In the book you will discover:

• Your unique grieving process

• The empowerment of Self-Love and its importance

• Wisdom, softness, kindness, comfort and compassion

• Tender moments

• The magic of perfect timing

• Practical exercises and techniques to ease loss (and the importance of being present)


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Animal Communication / Angel Card Readings

Pet Loss can be so heart-breaking and the tsunami of emotions all consuming from guilt, blame, shame, betrayal. We all need some help at times like this and you may find a reading to be helpful and supportive. All readings are confidential.

Please bear in mind this is for guidance and healing purposes.  We are all free to make our own choices in life.  

Readings are £40 for 40 minutes.

Contact Debbie to make an appointment


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