Resting Pets, Pet Crematorium - Ongar, Essex

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Cremation & Memorial Services
Resting Pets, Pet Crematorium - Ongar, Essex
Cremation & Memorial Services

Resting Pets, Pet Crematorium - Ongar, Essex

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Wood Farm, Ongar, Essex, CM5 0EY, united-kingdom

Phone: 01277 890009

Cremation & Memorial Service

Cremation & Memorial Service Specialities
  • Crematoria
  • Jewellery
  • Keepsake Urns
  • Memorial Headstones / Urns
  • Memorials & Keepsakes


Street Address
Apartment, Building, Floor
Moreton Road
Post Code
United Kingdom

Individual Cremations For Beloved Pets and Horses

Covering Essex, London, Herts, Kent, Suffolk, Cambs and Beds.

Resting Pets are proud to be a family run Pet Crematorium, specialising in the individual cremation of small pets and horses. 


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2 reviews
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Not the best
Overall Experience
I had resting pets recommended to me by my Mother who found them wonderful years ago. Unfortunately they have had a change of management and I did not have the experience I had hoped for. In general the service was good and understanding, although the young ditzy girl that dealt with me could do with more training in attention to detail. I made it quite clear to her that I wanted a later timed cremation as I had to be at work and wanted to sit and have some quiet time when it was going ahead at lunch time. She forgot to pass this on and I received a text at 9 to sat it was going ahead now which I didnt see until it was too late. I was dipsgusted that my wishes were not followed and that that time was taken away from me. When I spoke to the manager all she could say was sorry and Ill speak to the team. When I went to pick up my boys ashes Miss Ditzy couldnt even face me to apologise. My Mother was extremely upset when I told her. If I had to I would not use resting pets again.
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Overall Experience
We used your service for our beloved 12 year old GSD called, Akas. We ordered quite a lot of products expecting them to be in high quality due to the nature of the work. The two paw moulds we recieved back caused so much upset in my household last night as they were appalling. We were so looking forward to getting these back as something tactile, our boy had huge paws and was known for their size. We got two soft but cracking moulds back with the four smaller pads shown and that was pretty much it. There was a slight indentation where the main pad was. It is unrecognisable snd no reflection of our boy. Heart breaking.
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YourVets24 - Rayleigh, Essex
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