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My Pets Ashes - Devon

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Hannah’s @ Seale Hayne, The Chapel , Howton Road, Newton Abbot, Devon, TQ12 6NQ, United Kingdom
01392 58 1012
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Beautiful and Memorable Ways of Celebrating Our Pets Lives

My Pets Ashes believe that the life of your beloved pet deserves to be remembered and celebrated.When you lose a pet it can be a such a devastating loss that it can be difficult to work out what is the right thing to do.  

memorial diamond blue pink canary clear

Should you leave the ashes at the pet crematorium? Should you bring them home? Is it alright to scatter the ashes in your local park? Can you keep the ashes at home until you decide what to do?

Whether you decide to scatter, keep or bury the ashes there is a huge range of options available. My Pets Ashes will help you to make the decision that you are comfortable with, a decision that is right for you and your pet.


stainless steel sculpture

Petal Garden Memorial Sculpture


Pets Ashes within Glass

A small amount of your beloved pet's ashes can be immortalised forever into memorial glass. They have a range of glass hearts, paperweights, vases, candleholders and other glass ornaments so that you can keep a little of your lovely pet in your home.

You can also choose to have your pets ashes turned into glass and then a local Dartmoor-based jeweller will create a bespoke bracelet, necklace, ring, broach or earrings unique to you, he can even ‘upcycle’ any gold or silver jewellery you have into the design.


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Pet Ashes into Jewellery

 Being able to turn a small amount of your pets ashes into jewellery means that you can discreetly keep your beloved pet with you whenever you need to. 

Whatever you decide to do all the pets ashes into jewellery is delivered FREE of charge and is completely discreet and unique to you, a perfect memorial.


orange flower bead ashes glass 1


Silver Paw Print

This is a particularly beautiful piece of memorial jewellery, it is a very special way of  remembering your beloved pet. The ashes are scattered into the glass  and sparkle a little in the light.

The piece comes in a range of colours – aqua, pink, red, amethyst, blue,  black and green.




Pandora Beads for Pet Ashes

You can keep a small amount of your pet’s ashes with you forever in a fabulous pandora style bead. Memorial jewellery is a perfect way to keep your lovely pet close to you always.

The pandora ashes beads are completely discreet.


Pandora Stone Ashes Memorial Jewellery


Ashes Friendship Bracelet 

This gorgeous 925 silver keepsake bracelet is based on the popular Friendship design with the addition of two hollow 925 silver heart charms.

It’s a really beautiful and yet discreet way to carry your pet’s ashes or other small memento with you always.


Silver Friendship Bracelet with Heart Ashes Charms Silver Curved Heart Ashes Charm detail


Pet Urns

Different Urns do different jobs and therefore it is important that you choose the right one for your beloved pets ashes.  

My Pets Ashes can help you choose the right pet urn, they have a lovely range of ceramic urns, metal urns, handmade urns, wooden urns.

You can choose a totally bespoke urn and work with the artist to design something really gorgeous to keep forever in your home.


odyssey one paw slide Highdown garden urn constructed Wooden Keepsake heart full

precious paws slide1 TS20 SLEEPCAT 2 Red Leaf back Clisonne memorial handheld heart


Bios Memorial Tree for Pets

The Bios Memorial Tree for Pets is an urn designed to hold ashes, compost and a seed(s). It utilises the natural qualities of the ash (phosphate) as a type of fertiliser. Designed by Martín Ruiz de Azúa, a Spanish designer, it will grow a natural memorial to your beloved pet.

The Bios pet urn is 100% biodegradable. It is made from coconut shell, compacted peat and cellulose and inside it contains the seed. Your tree will have a direct connection with your beloved pet’s ashes.


BIOS URN instruction1 Copy



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