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Rugby, Warwickshire, CV227JD, United Kingdom
Alpha Trails Experience


Through trails and engagement of play we will help change the lives of dogs and their owners for the better.These one to one trails help strengthen your dog’s bonds and focus when out on a walk, whilst getting the essential exercise and stimulation that they require. So you can feel guilt free at work!

We believe that going on trails together and engaging with your dog helps build confidence, focus, response and stronger bonds

We’re not just making this up either we have actually experienced this with our own dog Miku, since going on trails we've seen a huge improvement with her recall and she's a stubborn Shiba Inu.

If you have a high energy dog then you know a walk around the block doesn’t cut it, they’re still bouncing off the wallsand being a damn right nuisance. This is why we’ve developed structured dog trails just for you.
Having a dog is tough and not being able to provide them with the essential exercise and stimulation they need everyday can leave you distracted at work as you worry yourself sick about what new destruction you'll be coming home to.

Worry not, we've got you covered

This is where Alpha Trails comes in, with our two extraordinary trails you can be sure your dog will get everything they need and more.

We want to make your life easier and your dog happy, so if you want the best for your best friend give us a call today.
We guarantee your dog will loveyou for it!
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