5 Tips To Keep Your Dog Healthy And Happy

By Rebecca Siggers

5 Tips To Keep Your Dog Healthy And Happy

As a pet parent, you want your dog to be active, happy, and healthy at all times. Luckily, dogs are one of the happiest creatures, to begin with. However, that shouldn’t stop you from going the extra mile to make them happier and healthier by following the necessary precautions and taking care of them.

Giving them the required attention and taking care of their physical and mental health through regular veterinary checkups, and treatments, if required, will help to a great extent in keeping your dog healthy and happy. You must ensure to create a loving environment and maintain a healthy diet, rich in all nutrients required for your fur buddy.

Dogs are interactive and instinctual beings, which means you need to provide them with the right opportunities to evaluate their wits and abilities from time to time. The following are the five tips to keep your dog healthy and happy.

Maintaining A Healthy and Balanced Diet

Make sure to provide your dog with a very healthy and balanced diet, including his treats. While there are so many dog food options available in the market, it’s essential to pick the right ones that have the right ingredients. Maintaining the ideal weight and preventing your dog from becoming overweight and obese is as crucial as providing a healthy diet.

Usually, lack of exercise and overeating are the primary causes for a dog to become obese. Obesity increases the risk of heart disease, cancer, etc., and eventually shorten its lifespan by two years. So make a diet plan and feed your fur buddy accordingly.

 Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet: 


Regular Exercise

As mentioned earlier, the lack of exercise causes dogs to become overweight and unhealthy. It is essential to take time from your busy schedule to make your dog exercise regularly. The best way is to have a routine so you and your dog will get used to it initially. However, some breeds of dogs require more physical exercise than the other ones.

So plan an exercise routine for your dog according to its breed. A casual walk or a run once a day is a must, and make sure to use dog leashes initially until your dog gets used to the path and does not wander on its own. 


Silhouette dog and walker


Look Out For Heartworm and Fleas

Make sure to take your pet for regular veterinary checkups to ensure essential vaccinations to prevent several health conditions. Heartworm, fleas, and tick-borne disease are some of the common health problems that dogs face. The signs of fleas include any dark specs on the fur, scabs, unusual and constant scratching, and itchy skin.

Heartworm is another widespread disease among dogs. Mosquito bites cause the disease, so it’s hard to prevent. However, preventive methods, such as monthly tablets and shots, are quite helpful. Therefore, regular veterinary checkups and proper grooming are essential for dogs.

Itchy dog  



It is essential to get your fur buddy out of the house to get him acquainted with the outside atmosphere and to get him used to things like travelling in a car, etc. Try and introduce your fur buddy to other dogs, new people, and the environment out of the home after getting all the necessary first vaccinations done.

Regular walks to the nearby dog park, etc., will help your dog get rid of any fear and make him feel less threatened by strangers and new surroundings. It’s always better to introduce your dog to distinctive social situations from a young age itself.


whippets playing on the beach 


Final Thoughts

Apart from the five tips mentioned above, make sure to take care of the oral hygiene of your fur buddy through regular dental checkups and by brushing their teeth daily using dog toothpaste. Avoid regular toothpaste that you use as it contains fluoride, which is poisonous for dogs. Regular cleaning of the ears is also essential to keep them clean and free from debris, dirt, and any discharge.


By Rebecca Siggers | Senior Content Specialist 

Email: rebecca.siggers@travelboxes.co

By Rebecca Siggers  



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