Our Story

Our story began on 18th January 2010 ... Not many people know this but we started the Good Vet and Pet Guide following a truly dreadful experience at an out of hours Vet which resulted in the loss of our 3 year old Great Dane Ted.

At that time, there wasn’t anywhere for pet owners to go to obtain advice on how to find a great veterinary practice.  If there had been, we would have avoided that out-of-hours practice at all costs.

Their handling of his case from his admission with a suspected bloat to his death several hours later remains one of the worst experiences we have ever encountered with any vet.


  Ted with Daisy and Dexter Eloise and Ted


After we finally got our head around what had actualy happened we decided to do our best to make sure that no-one else ever had to go through what we did that day.

From losing Ted The Good Vet & Pet Guide was born – a website where pet owners could review and rate vets to highlight the great ones and to alert pet owners to those who were below standard.


ted pup


Seven years on, we have expanded to include not just vets but dog walkers, home boarders, trainers, pet boutiques, groomers, holidays destinations, days out and many more – a one-stop shop for everything pet.

So whatever pet you have, you are guaranteed to find something that will either make you laugh or simply improve your understanding of these wonderful animals who share our lives.


teds new collar

Ted - 21/04/2006 - 18/01/2010