Natural Healing for Life & Animal Healing - Sussex

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Hailsham, East Sussex, United Kingdom
Natural Healing for Life & Animal Healing - Sussex

Natural Healing for Life

Helping people and animals with Reiki Healing | Teaching, groups and workshops

Helping people and animals transform their lives and make a real difference to their general well-being. Working with healing modalities that are truly holistic bringing back wellness and balance to mind, body, spirit and emotions with Reiki, EFT, Meditation and working with dogs to overcome behaviours that people find a problem.

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Helping with:

• Emotional issues.
• Trauma.
• Stress bringing about calm and tranquillity.
• Reiki and EFT can assist the body to heal physical pain.
• Helping dog and human live in harmony together with my holistic approach to behavioural work.

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Reiki Animal Healing & Animal Communication us based in Hailsham, East Sussex.



Reiki Healing

Reiki is a non-invasive form of energy healing that can help boost an animals ability to heal through hands-on or distance healing. It can relieve emotional stress, low mood and help improve general wellbeing. It can also help animals to pass peacefully from this world to the next.

Although Lesley has a special interest in working with dogs she has also treated farm animals, cats, a bat, horses & chickens to name but a few!  Reiki is a gentle treatment that most animals are happy to receive, it can be administered by placing hands on or over the animal or through distance healing. It is best to treat an animal in an environment where they feel settled and relaxed.  Treatments can last from 10 to 60 minutes or when the animal decides that they have had enough.


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Reiki for Dogs

Animal Communication

As a child, Lesley knew intuitively if an animal was sick or sad, when she started working with dogs Lesley seemed to be more ‘in tune’ with both their physical and emotional feelings and had the ability to recognise if the source of their pain was spiritual or physical. Her friends and colleagues would ask if she could do a reading from their pet photos,  they knew something wasn’t right with their pet, they just couldn't put their finger on it.

Lesley began to hear their messages as a whisper in her ear, she would write down what she heard and pass this information to their humans.  She began to get positive feedback as suggested changes were made to the animal’s lives - and amazingly, she found that it was actually working! 


Reiki for dogs


Listen, Understand, Make a Difference.

To begin therapy, Lesley will need the permission of the animal, and much like people occasionally they are a closed book.  The most important point to remember is that this is not like a Skype session it requires quiet and a meditative state to open the ‘phone’ line.  

With a strong connection, it is possible to receive thoughts, messages, feelings and pictures from the animal, but much like our day to day communications, some connections are stronger than others.  This is not governed by the distance a good connection can be achieved n the UK or through looking at a photograph of an animal living in Australia or the USA.  

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All Services

Please click on the links below to find out more about the services offered

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Reiki for people

1 hour • £45

This is a gentle energy healing therapy that works on mind, body, emotion and spirit holistically.  Helping you to heal yourself.


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Reiki for animals

Specialising in Canine Reiki. 

1 hour • From £55

A gentle energy healing therapy that animals respond well to.  Reiki can help with physical and emotional problems in animals - but is not a replacement for veterinary care.


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Animal Communication

1 hour • £40.00

Listen, understand and make a difference.  Communicating with animals can help to resolve health, mental and behavioural issues. It is a joy and a gift to do.


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Dog Training the Spiritual Way

With 25 years of experience as a dog trainer and behaviour expert. Helping dogs and their guardians live in happiness and harmony.


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Spiritual development groups, parties and 1-2-1

A variety of groups, circles and personal development workshops.  Including Reiki share - Free, Meditation - From £5, Spiritual Development - £10, Crystal Meditation - £10, Earth Healing Meditation - Donation of cash or organic fruit/veg, 1/2, 1 and 2-day workshops and courses from £25


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Emotional Freedom Technique

1 hour • £45.00

EFT uses 9 acupressure points and this can send signals to the part of the brain that is controlling the problem, by accessing this in a controlled way using the EFT method it helps to get to the root of an issue and bit by bit lessen its intensity.

Some people just need 1 session to get over a longstanding issue others will require a few more as the layers are peeled back to reveal the origin of the cause of disruption to a person. This is a wonderful, natural, drug-free holistic therapy that can help with anxiety, depression, physical pain, emotional traumas, addictions the list goes on!


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I offer Reiki Healing in person or at a distance and remote animal communication worldwide. I began treating animals when working as a veterinary assistant, in fact, it was a little cat called Button who set me on my Reiki journey.

I have practised Reiki professionally since 2002 and have been a Reiki Master since 2006.   To see the difference it can make to an animal (or human) still fills me with joy.  I specialise in Canine Reiki and also end of life Reiki, helping the animal pass from the physical world with peace.

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Footnote: Amazing things can and do happen with Reiki, however, it is not a replacement for medical treatment it is a compliment that will work on the whole being; mind, body, emotion and spirit. 

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Natural Healing for Life & Animal Healing Sussex
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Natural Healing for Life & Animal Healing Sussex.jpg
Natural Healing for Life & Animal Healing Sussex
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