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Big Dog Bed Company

Better Beds for Bigger Dogs

Although the smaller pooch wouldn't say no!

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Handmade in the UK 

The Big Dog Bed Company make good looking, practical, and easy care dog beds - ensuring your dog has the best possible sleep experience.

They also design and manufacture veterinary physiotherapy equipment and veterinary bedding operating under the title BDBCo.VET.


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Bespoke Dog Beds

Their Made-to-Measure service gives you complete control and enables you to customise your dog's bed to suit the space available in your home, car, or kennel.

When you order a bespoke bed, you are able to specify the cushion construction, the shape, and the fabric.

All the fabrics are waterproof, antibacterial, stain and urine resistant, and machine washable at 30℃.



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Choosing The Ideal Bed

Your choice of bed style is influenced by your dogs favourite sleeping position. your home and the bed's location. 

Key points to consider:

Size - Big enough to stretch out and not fall off

Support - Comfortable and supportive enough not to feel the floor through the bottom

Robust - Will it stand up to several years use for 16-18 hours a day?

Waterproof - Keeps your dog dry and the room smell free

  The Foam Bed


Choosing a Cushion

The cushion style should reflect the use to which the bed will be put and the size and age of the dog.

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Mat – 5cm deep high-density upholstery foam for small dogs (under 12 Kgs) and for larger dogs in cars and crates where the occupancy is typically less than 3 hours.


Dog Mats for crate | Car | Kennel

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Kennel Bed – 5cm high-density upholstery foam topped by 2.5cm good quality memory foam giving total bed depth of 7.5cm.

A good all-round bed for small to medium dogs (under 20 Kgs). Good for car journeys and crates where the headroom is restricted. Ok for larger dogs if not their primary everyday bed.

Blue mats in a crate

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Signature Bed – 5cm of high-density upholstery foam with 2.5cm of good quality memory foam glued top and bottom. A general purpose bed suitable for all uses. 

Would suit a dog who likes to stretch out when they sleep, its a low profile bed which means that it's also a good choice if space is limited.  

It's made from high-density upholstery foam so it won't squash flat or move about - essential for supporting the bigger dogs' bones and joints. 


St Bernard Signature dog bed


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Pressure Relief BedActive Recovery® bed for dogs with arthritis, joint issues, and similar conditions. Comprises a 5cm deep castellated top of memory foam and a 5cm base layer of high-density upholstery foam.

CoolComfort – part of the Active Recovery® range. Ideal for heavy-coated dogs and those that seek out cold floors to sleep on. Uses a lightweight castellated foam in place of memory foam on which some dogs overheat.

The Active Recovery beds are ideal for golden oldies and dogs recovering post-injury or illness | Endorsed by veterinary physiotherapists


Active Recovery orthopaedic dog bed with Laurel Slate - modelled by Monty, the Beauceron Active Recovery® bed

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The Bolster Bed Pillow Bed has a Foam Bed base with the added support of a raised side along the width of the bed for your pooch to rest their chin on. 

The design of this bed means that it is a good choice for the older pooch who is a little wobbly on their paws.


The Bolster Bed Pillow Bed


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incontinence Beds are designed for dogs that are temporarily, occasionally, or severely incontinent.  

If you are coping with a dog that has fecal incontinence these beds are ideal. They are totally waterproof and the seams are thermally welded so the beds are totally sealed. The fabric wipes clean and antibacterial. It will also take medical-grade disinfection. No need to wash covers several times a day.

If your dog has urinary problems you may want to add the vet bed loop to wick away fluids and help keep your dog dry. The loop is preferable to laying a piece of vet bed on top as it stays in place, does not wrinkle or present a trip hazard.

The core of the bed comprises of our Active RecoveryTM pressure relief cushion, ideal for older dogs, those who need to be recumbent postoperatively or who are undergoing crate rest.

Incontinence beds are available in standard sizes and bespoke to fit crates or specific spaces.

They are available with navy, purple or royal blue covers and grey vet bed. 


incontinence Bed

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Handmade in East Sussex, these beautifully made Oak frames would look stunning in any home. The frames elevate the bed off the ground keeping it draft-free and the slatted base allows air to circulate.

Frames are made to fit: Medium and Large Foam Beds and Bolster Beds

A bespoke option is available.


solid oak dog bed frames are hand made in East Sussex.


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Vet Physiotherapy and Canine Fitness 

Therapy Floor MatsTherapy Mats for Tables • Proprioception Tracks •  SafeRocker+Step SystemVari-Trak for Proprioceptionj • Non-Slip Floor Mats

 BDBCo.VET, the veterinary arm (paw) of the Big Dog Bed Company, offers a range of equipment appropriate for canine rehabilitation and fitness building.

The veterinary range has been designed in close consultation with veterinary physiotherapists - their aim is to develop new products, not duplicate what is already available.

Developed and manufactured in the UK, the BDBCo range of physiotherapy equipment is designed for veterinary physiotherapists, canine massage therapists, and practitioners of complementary therapies such as acupuncture.

Ideal for use in maintaining canine fitness for sports such as agility and canicross, or to keep working dogs in top condition.

Maintaining fitness through structured exercises helps ensure your dog is in peak condition when required and reduces the incidence of injury while working.

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Signature Dog Beds

Signature Dog Beds

Memory Foam Dog Bed   The Signature Dog Beds are..



Choosing a Bed - Top Tips

The key things to think about when buying a dog bed are:

1. Size - Big enough to stretch out and not fall off

2. Support - Comfortable and supportive enough not to feel the floor through the bottom

3. Robust - Will it stand up to several years use for 16-18 hours a day?

4. Waterproof - Keeps your dog dry and the room smell free

5. Price - If you want all of the above, it is unlikely you will find it in a bed costing £30-50

  bdboc 21

The Big Dog Bed Company was created with the aim of making the beds we couldn't buy - good looking, extra large beds that are firmly filled, waterproof and odour free with a long useful life.

That was over ten years ago now, and while there has certainly been an improvement in the availability of quality dog beds on the market since then, we still feel ours offer a unique combination of features.



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Big Dog Bed Company
Big Dog Bed Company
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