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Non Tip Feeder

Non Tip Feeder

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Po Box 3380 , Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 3WT UK, United Kingdom
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The Non Tip Feeder ensures that horses and ponies are eating from a natural position allowing their jaws to work properly and therefore teeth to wear evenly thereby producing more saliva helping to digest their food better.

The low level, robust design ensures that the horse is unable to tip over it's food - making it economically friendly whilst saving time and being good for your horse.



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Recommended by Horse & Hound Magazine




• Natural feeding position for your horse

• Saves money on wasted feed

• Ensures supplement and medications are eaten and not lost on the floor

• Saves constant replacement of broken buckets

• No handles or parts for horses to get their legs trapped in


Gallileo 'Before and After' the Non Tip Feeder




Why Choose the Non Tip Feeder?

• It has classic, innovative and safe design which makes the non tip feeder a must for any horse owner

• It will not move, spill, tip or flip over whilst your horse feeds from it, creating a unique solution to the constant problem of horses tipping over and spilling their food

• The stackable feeder is great for wet weather as well as dry, the Non Tip does not get caught up in mud or rough ground, it stays stable at all times firmly planted to the surface it is placed on saving time, money and food.


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How to Use

Whether used in the stable or field, the Non Tip Feeder is designed to be left in situ and filled up your horses daily feeds as often as required. It is lightweight and easy to carry so can be moved and cleaned out as often as you like.

No rough services mean that it is easy to clean and food cannot get trapped on uneven surfaces thus maintaining levels of hygiene.







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(Updated: November 24, 2015)

Excellent, really pleased

Really this is an excellent product. i know now that my horse is eating his food not loosing it all over the ground. if i have medication i know its eaten not lost so for me it is a money saver. it also saves time and i can use it in or out of the stable. i am really chuffed and have quite a few dotted around, they are easy to carry as well!

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