6 Fruit & Vegetables That Could Improve Your Dog's Health

Fruit & Veg That Your Dog Will Find Ap'peeling

It’s not always easy to know what’s best for your dog’s health. Sure, quality dog food is necessary, since it already has all the supplements your dog needs. But, these supplements can also come under the form of human food, such as fruits and vegetables.

Yes, you might not believe it, but dogs can eat fruits and veggies just like human beings, and they love them. It doesn’t matter if your dog is a Corgi or a Pomsky, he will definitely enjoy the foods on this list!

So, without further ado, here are 6 ways you can improve your dog’s diet using fresh fruits and vegetables!


1. Bananas

For Potassium

You might not believe it at first, but dogs can and will eat bananas, since they thoroughly enjoy them.

If your dog has an inflamed colon or bowel problems and you don’t know what to do about it, feed him bananas! It may sound crazy, but bananas are extremely healthy, for dogs and humans alike.

Not only are they full of potassium, they also contain fiber, carbohydrates, and magnesium, which are all an added plus for your dog’s health.

But (as there is always a but in this kind of situations), only use bananas as treats. As good as these tropical fruits are for our furry friends, too much of them could cause constipation or high blood sugar.

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Now, how can you feed your dog bananas?

Well, veterinarians recommend to mash them into your best friend’s food, mix them with yogurt (yes, dogs can eat that too), or peel them, cut them, freeze them, and use them as treats when your dog is being a good boy!




2.  Apples

Antioxidants and Calcium 

As the saying goes: “One apple a day keeps the doctor away.” 

This is not only true for humans though, since it always works for dogs! (And we all know how much dogs hate going to the vet).

Apples are a token of heaven, full of calcium, Vitamin C, antioxidants, and other goodies such as fiber and potassium. They’re the perfect treat for dogs, as long as you remember to take the core out, since it contains cyanide, which is, obviously, poisonous.

Low in protein and fats, apples are perfect for old dogs whose health you should pay attention to. You can feed your dogs small slices of apple, or you can also follow this recipe and make your dog the perfect apple flavored treat!


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Cucumber might come off as a boring food to children (and some adults who are picky eaters), but dogs absolutely adore them. And by “adore”, I mean that these precious animals can wolf down a whole cucumber without giving it a second thought (though don’t let your dog do that as he might choke, which is obviously not a good result).

Feeding your best friend cucumber is a great way to keep him hydrated, so use it as a treat for him, especially during hot summer days.

But, remember, even a good thing can turn bad if there’s too much of it. So don’t feed your dog too much cucumber, as he might get sick (and no one wants to deal with a dog’s Diarrhoea (diarrhea)).

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Vitamin A

Mangoes are not only great for humans, they’re also a perfect treat for our furry friends. 

This sweet tropical fruit is loaded with vitamin A, minerals, and potassium, which is why you should feed it to your dog.



But, be careful. As always, take off the core, since not only is it a choking hazard, it also contains cyanide, which is, as we stated before, poisonous. The best way then to feed your dog mango would be to peel it first (as the skin could cause a stomach ache) and cut it into small cubes, then feed it to your dog as a treat.

Believe us, your best friend will thank you for that, as he’ll enjoy the sweetness and freshness of the fruit.

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Bell Peppers

Vitamin C

Especially red bell peppers, since they also have a high content of beta-carotene and antioxidants, which are great for your dog!

Not only that, but bell peppers are also low in calories, which makes them extremely healthy!

But, never feed your dog spicy peppers, as these can actually be poisonous. Instead, go for the mild ones (which we humans usually use for salad) and use them as treats, of course, all in moderation.



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And finally...


Add A Whole Bunch of Vitamins by Using Cabbage

Yes, cabbage is bland, and yet, dogs go crazy for it! Full of vitamins, this vegetable is a perfect treat after a good run!

Not only is cabbage great for your dog’s skin and coat, it can also help prevent cancer, which is always a plus. It doesn’t hurt that it also helps with your dog’s digestion. But, feed it to him in moderation, as it can cause gas, which is uncomfortable for both parties (have you ever smelled a dog’s fart? Yeah, it’s not really great).


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And remember, always make sure to ask your veterinarian before adding new food to your dog’s diet. It never hurts to be careful!


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