6 Ways To Put Together The Best Possible Pet Sitting Instructions


Everyone loves their pets. You would do anything to make your pet happy. However, leaving them with someone else doesn’t make anyone thrilled with the idea.

So, why not create a nice document of pet sitting instructions and ensure that your furry friend is well taken care of.

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1. Focus On Essentials First

What does your pet need to survive? “Beginning the instructions with a long-winded explanation of their favourite chew toy is not a good start. First things first, what do they eat and drink and where can that be found? Everything beyond that is secondary in terms of importance”, writes Harriet Bouchier, writer at StateOfWriting and AustralianHelp. Start with the essentials.



2. Habits

All pets are very different from one another and this can lead to issues with pet sitters. Often, the sorts of people volunteering to look after people’s pets have owned their own in the past.

But if your puppy likes to lie on the floor next to their food bowl at food time and not move till it is filled, your pet sitter might interpret that as some sort of problem or sickness. These sorts of quirks are very important to handle.


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3. Write Well

There’s nothing like endangering the care of your pet through a miscommunication. It is the worst possible scenario for you. The thing is, this is actually an area which is harder to master than people may think. In this case, it is important that you go to the greatest lengths you can do to get it right, including turning to help.

Try sites like ViaWriting, Assignment Service, SimpleGrad and Academic Writing Service for general writing tips and Big Assignments and EliteAssignmentHelp for proofreading resources to help you catch the little mistakes and flaws.


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4. Have A Contingency Plan

If something has happened to you that has taken you away from your pet, it’s not all that unlikely that something might also happen to your sitter in your absence. It’s very important then that you have already set in place a sitter contingency plan, meaning something they can do to ensure your pet is looked after no matter what happens to them. It’s worth being extra safe in this regard to guarantee your pet’s safety and security.


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5. Create A Walking Or Exercise Schedule

Most animals need exercise. Some, like cats, handle that all on their own. But for many, it requires the involvement of a human being. If this is the case, then you need to put together an exercise schedule. “Some animals need lots more exercise than they get around the house, whilst others can be overworked really easily.

Whatever the case is with your animal, it is absolutely vital that you ensure that they get looked after properly by explaining all of these details to whoever has been left responsible”, writes Stacey Michaels, writer at BoomEssays and EssayRoo.


6. Plan For Worst Case

Your pet might get sick while you’re away. No one wants that, but it’s a possibility. In that case, you need to leave instructions on how to care for them and you also need to leave plenty of numbers the pet sitter can call for help.



Making a mistake with these sorts of instructions can actually lead to things becoming a lot more complex than you might imagine. But, so long as you are careful and precise, you should be able to put together instructions that will ensure the safety and happiness of your pet.

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Article by Chloe Bennet

Chloe Bennet


Chloe Bennet is an editor at Paper Fellows and OX Essays services. She writes about pets, healthy lifestyle and self-help.

Also, Chloe describes how to generate ideas for books at UK Top Writers portal.



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