9 Tips For Walking Your Dog When You're Pregnant

 Dog Walking With A Bump

Walking is a fantastic way to keep up your fitness levels while you are pregnant.  It builds up stamina, burns calories and helps heart health.

If you have a dog then there’s no excuse, your furry friend won’t let you off walkies just because you’re pregnant. So get out into the fresh air and enjoy the exercise.

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Dress for the Weather

In the UK climate a sunny day can turn into a showery one in minutes, so it’s best to be prepared. If it’s a warm day dress comfortably in short sleeves. During the colder weather, layer your clothes so that you’re wrapped up warm, but you can remove a layer if you get hot.

A good idea is to carry a waterproof jacket with you during cloudy days, so you can slip it on if it starts to rain. They’re also good for keeping out the wind.  Choose trousers which are comfy for walking and you know will keep you warm and dry if required.

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Best Foot Forward

Invest in some comfortable trainers. You can buy ones that have been specially designed for walking which are lighter and include features such as mesh linings and toe bumpers for added comfort.

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Maternity Waterproof Jacket

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Stay Hydrated

Don’t forget to bring some water with you. It’s easy to become de-hydrated especially during the warmer weather.

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Make Your Dog Comfortable Too

If your dog has a habit of pulling, it might put you at risk of falling. A good solution is to buy your dog a harness, rather than a collar. A harness discourages dogs from jumping. It will make your dog calmer and you’ll have better control


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Don’t Forget Your Phone

Make sure your phone is fully charged before you leave home and put into your pocket or back-pack. Having your phone means you can call someone if you feel unwell or you have a fall.

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Avoid the Crowds

If your dog gets anxious when it’s noisy, avoid areas with a lot of people. Don’t walk in isolated areas, but stick to routes you know well that aren’t crowded.



Pick Your Time

Summer means it is lighter for longer, so you can go out a bit later in the afternoon. First thing in the morning will also be cooler. Don’t walk during the summer months at the hottest time of the day. In the winter try and get out before it gets dark.

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Poop Scoop

You’re probably used to bending down to clean up after your pet, but now you’re pregnant bending will be difficult. Buy yourself a long-handled poop scoop and then you can easily clean up after your pet without bending or ending up on all fours yourself!

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And, If you can’t walk your Dog

If you have problems during your pregnancy, you may have been told not to exercise. If you have a dog, why not find a dog walker? It means your dog gets the exercise it needs, and you don’t have to worry.


Dog walker Sarah has been walking dogs for over three years. She says, “Dog walking was a way to combine two things I love, walking and dogs.” She charges £12 per hour or £6 for a half-hour walk and she normally walks two dogs at a time. We have a great time wandering through the countryside and the dogs get a really good workout, they are always tired when they get back home, but they love it.”

So, there you are, if you can, a good daily walk will do you good, wrap up against the cold weather and keep hydrated during the summer months and enjoy the outdoors with your pet.


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