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Puppy GURU
I would first like to say a massive Thank you to Nicky! Her support, guidance and advice are second to none.
I first looked for puppy socialisation classes for my rescue pup who was extremely neglected and not very physically grown, timid of her own shadow. It was clear that help was needed.

After contacting Nicky, she came to see Nell and the scared little puppy took to Nicky immediately. Nicky ensured that Nell was in a class of other puppies who would not overwhelm her and would not be too big for her. Nicky got it spot on. Nell took to all the puppies that were there and ensured the group stayed small & not over powering.

Nell's confidence grew each week and basic training was well underway ~ Nicky was great with her hints, tips and what worked for each puppy. With Nell at a slight disadvantage to others being she worked harder to compensate for her lost eye. Nicky was on hand to help with extra ways to help get the best from Nell & her abilities.

After puppy socialisation classes, I enrolled Nell on obedience classes......... Needless to say, Nicky's knowledge, wisdom & her commitment to each individual pup & parent was still consistent. No question was silly and no question left unanswered. Nicky was able to understand each puppy and advise us where we need to be, to encourage pup's to grow.

Nicky's Positive Force Free Dog training is exactly how dog training should be, because it WORKS! And if you need a trainer Nicky is your lady. She also is Reiki trained which for me, told me Nicky was 100% for us. I knew Nicky would be trusting, Loving and sincere. Her natural way & healing powers, shone bright and the puppies loved it.

Nell blossomed and grew each week, she still has a lot of work to do but thanks to Nicky, arming us with knowledge & tools to go forward.

I do not feel Nell would be as she is without the input and healing from Nicky.
Thank you so much for your time, effort & dedication.
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