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Top marks for Top Dog Herts

We introduced our choccy lab, Moose, to Top Dog quite late in his development. Although lovable, he was boisterous, ill mannered and jumped on everyone he met (people and canines). With the help of excellent trainers, Lexi and Natalie, we learnt to understand what his motivations were and what his behaviour was telling us and, more importantly, how to work with it. With the help of Lexi and Natalie’s vast experience, canine knowledge, energy and enthusiasm, we have seen Moose turning into a better behaved dog - sometimes even really good! The use of fun games and tricks for training, and hand feeding, has really made a difference. Moose is a work in progress but, I guess, training your dog is. Lexi and Natalie never gave up on him, even when we were at our wit’s end. We can’t recommend highly enough. Would give 10 stars if we could!

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