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Super hydro

MARION and her team provide an excellent service for my 18 YEAR Border Collie. It started with the initial assessment at BILBOS HYDRO PET SPA WHICH IS A brand new premises, and then Marion designed a programme specific to bess dog using their state of the art equipment. marion and ,Vikksi knowledge shone through, and her compassion towards the bess makes each visit a pleasure.
With the high level of care and attention given at each session, it is very encouraging to see the differences in bess .it was the first time in a very long time the beds for didn't need any help into the car. Each swim I still see an improving in how she walks and stands .
Each swim is finished with beds or you dog having a shampoo and wash in their dog bath / shower. Followed by a blast with the blaster which dries their coat and gets rid of the lose under coat.
You can also get in with your dog and join in .
Highly recommended.


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