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Bank Holiday nightmare

Our 2 year old Pekingese was admitted to their Oldbury clinic over the bank holiday weekend.  He was misdiagnosed so an infection grew in his bladder & his prostrate became enlarged.  On day 3 I was told he needed to be euthanized. 
On arrival I could here him screaming in pain, I begged them not to move him to the treatment rooms... the screaming went on for another 25 minutes.  There were no vets available for at least another 10 minutes, all-the-while I was trying to comfort him. 
He wasn’t given any pain relief, I was begging the assistant to get a vet, but she kept saying they are all busy. At this point I was crying my eyes out. Finally someone arrived – unfortunately, he was more interested in getting the paper work done! 
Paperwork complete - he connected a drip into our dogs (now) collapsed body, he then began squeezing the fluid from the bag into our dog to end his life. It was disturbing AND  shocking to witness... i have been forced to post this because no one has bothered to contact us since I submitted my complaint. Unbelievable!!

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