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Bertie rabbit dental
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(Sorry for the long post) Bertie started having problems with his teeth so we took him to Parkgate. He needed a dental at a cost of £86 approx... 
From what I had read rabbits could need dentals every 2 to 3 months, so I was surprised when he started having problems again within 3 weeks. 
Booked him back in again and he had another dental. He needed a dental every 3 to 4 weeks :( at a cost of under £90. After his sixth dental, I did a bit more research about rabbit dentals and had a chat with a local rabbit rescue who recommended the one they use. I wanted peace of mind for Bertie and to make sure he was getting the treatment he deserved. 
So we booked Bertie in at the recommended vets and he had his seventh dental. It lasted about a month :( - Travel time here on a bad traffic day was a 40-minute drive. 
After a couple of weeks, he started with a wet tail, so we took him back, he had a stone in his urethra, they tried to manipulate it back into his bladder but couldn't so we were referred to a vet in Leeds. We took him to Leed and they operated, removed a couple of stones.
 A couple of weeks later he needed another dental, so took him back to the recommended vets again... He had another dental a month later in January. I started feeding him pea flakes which are quite hard and he loved them... the good news is that they also helped wear his teeth down so he didn't need a dental every month, it had extended it to nearly three months. He had a couple more dentals, but he hated travelling in the carrier so I decided to start taking him back to vets4pets at Parkgate. 
I phoned them on the 1st July 2019 and they booked him in on the 2nd. He had his dental, the vet was brilliant, took photos to show me what was going on etc... I was really pleased, but she did say the price had gone up a little from last time (October 2018 we paid just under £90). 
I put Bertie in his carrier and went to the reception to pay the bill. The young lady looked it up on the computer and said how would you like to pay? 
Cash please, me thinking it would £95, a £100 or even £110  ... £214 !! 
I said I would need to pay on card. I also asked if she would check the bill because the most we had paid in the past was just under £90, she asked for someone to double check.   He scanned the computer screen and said it's right. 
 How can a 240% increase in charges for a rabbit dental be right? The recommended vets were only charging £68 approx, but I was more than willing to pay a little extra for the convenience and the good service we had gotten previously.

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