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After my vet retired who I adored and trusted I’ve found it hard to find a good vet. When I found lovely Kate at kilverstone I had high expectations.
During covid-19 our regular branch was closed we were redirected to attleborough.
I was given creams and ointments which, were not cheap for my dog when I had said she will not let you put creams on.
I know my dog. I met her at four weeks old and I never felt comfortable handing her over to go in the vets alone.
It would get shirked off making me feel like I’m a silly little girl. Saying she was fine with them in there.
I went back to the vets and tried to give them a chance to resolve the matter that creams were no good and could we have tablets instead to save everyone the upset and cure my dogs problems.
I rang for advice on her getting upset about having creams....
I was told Paul won’t know of any therapists who can help. And he wouldn’t speak to you anyway.
I said I feel I needed to speak with him!. She told me then I would have to pay £18.00 just to have a phone call with him. Appalling.
If I went to my dr in distress he wouldn’t turn me away. You were her vet and turned me away.
You did offer me tablets for her problem which, I’d already paid for endless cream ointments already that I could never use and wanted a further £102.00.
You’d embarrassed us by asking if we had paid a previous bill!. I sent a bank statement to prove we paid as always. Shouldn’t you of checked your end first before accusing us??.
Finally today after feeling let down worse than a cheap pair of tights. I’ve had no choice but to ask to leave your pet club and find another vet. I expect this to be done!.
I would like to find a new vet Who will listen to me and care about my dog as she deserves.
Plus I would just like to add. Every year around the 27th of January she has her booster jab. Every year she’s had it except at Paul jarmans. I’ve paid pet club since I joined nov 2020 and my dog has not had her jab! So the pet club was a waste of my time and money too.
I feel we’ve been treated extremely badly and I’ve never experienced this level of indecency from a vet before.
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