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Goddard Vets Mile End | London
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Avoid like the plague, uncaring and all they want is to make money
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I registered my new rescue cat with them and then asked them to supply flea/tick/worm treatment. Took ages to respond and then said that, despite the cat having a prescription from the rescue centre vet, that the cat would have to come into the surgery (at a charge) in order to be prescribed, otherwise all they could do was issue a flea treatment spot on, leaving my cat prone to ticks and worms. WTF!

My cat is very prone to stress-induced urinary tract issues (which they would know if you could be bothered to contact the rescue centre vet, which of course it is now clear they didn't), and low and behold you can go onto or 10s+ of other sites and answer a questionnaire and get the full set of treatments.

It's clear they are only in this for the money and don't give a dam about your pet health, and nor will they tell you anything or do anything that won't make them money.....

AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE and go somewhere else that actually cares about your pet and its circumstances. If I could give them zero stars I would, having kept rescue cats for 30+ years I have never come across such an unhelpful and money-grabbing practice in all those years. I will be taking my business elsewhere.
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