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Two members of staff at this practice lack the ability to deal with pet owners in the correct manner. They are totally insensitive and unprofessional. If zero stars could be given, I would have done so.

Their complaints procedure is also way under par. Not sure there is actually a point to them having a Practice Manager who had the cheek to suggest that I speak to a Bluecross bereavement counsellor rather than deal with the conduct of her staff. This was part of her recent written response to my complaint about how I was treated by the said two members of staff on the day my cat was put to sleep (25th June, 2021).

Whilst the treatment my pet received was good (only because he was insured). The practice’s treatment of pet owners, i.e. myself, is majorly flawed. Their customer service is virtually non existent. It must be incredibly draughty for certain members of staff up there on their moral high ground.

Pet owners whatever you do, do not put your pets suffering ahead of their ‘professional opinion’. They will certainly not like that. Before you know it you will have things thrown at you to sign, be passed over to other staff AND THEN just for good measure have a nurse glare at you when you prepare to say goodbye to your beloved pet, all while you are experiencing one of the most upsetting and distressing days of your life. I speak from personal experience.

A one time excellent village veterinary surgery (I had a dog registered there in the 1980/90’s) has been ruined. I will never take a pet there again. A truly awful experience.

Little footnote. I left a richly deserved negative review on their Facebook page only to discover later on that someone had blocked me from posting on their page. Must be just awful not being able to deal with negative reviews,
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