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An Holistic Approach

Don't wait until there is a problem! I have been aware of, and witnessed, the success stories which Samsara Equitation have written for the rehabiliation cases with which they re presented. These are very impressive and are testament to the fallibility of modern veterinary opinion and training methods.

My personal involvement with Samsara has been the starting and backing of young horses, some homebred and others bought from the Breeder. Stephen's approach is an holistic one which nurtures the horse physically and psychologically. I can say that all the horses, without exception, have flourished and reached their training goals with every consideration for their individuality and well-being.

A great experience for horse and owner/rider/trainer! Don't wait until you have a physical and/or psychological problem....get them started properly with a sound base to the pyramid of education.

Jo Firoozieh BSc. BHSII

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