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Severe Kissing Spines

Flame is my 16 year old ex racehorse who I have owned for 6 years ... most of this time before his rehab at Samsara 2 years ago was not an enjoyable one! He was volatile, defensive, nappy and spooky and extremely acrobatic ... and even though I tried all avenues to improve his behaviour including months of unridden work and visits from numerous back practitioners I always felt he wasn't quite right. He was finally diagnosed with severe kissing spines. At his then age of 14 I didn't want to put him through the stress of surgery and luckily found Samsara ... he stayed with Stephen for 3 months of rehab and came back a totally different horse!

He is now a contented, happy and rideable horse and I've been able to do so much more with him ... so much so that I bit the bullet and bought a horsebox so I could take him to dressage and sponsored rides .. something that I'd never considered previously! My vet is very impressed with his surgery free recovery and totally endorses Stephen's work with Flame.

I'm now a very happy horse owner with a very happy horse!

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