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I purchased a Pawtrax TAGZ GPS tracker for my dog and thanks to the Pawtrax aftercare team, setting it up was a doddle. I bought it both for peace of mind, and in the hope that I would never ever need to use it. However, unfortunately in the pursuit of a fox, my dog escaped from the park through a hole in the fence, and by the time that I exited the park from a distant gate, he was nowhere to be seen. Luckily I had my mobile phone with me and was able to locate him using the GPS web map. He had crossed a busy main road and was found by means of the GPS web map shaken, but recovering in someone's front garden, sadly the fox was not so fortunate. The tracker has more than paid for itself now in view of the fee that would be required by the council dog warden for the return of a lost dog and the potential vet treatment should he remain lost.
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