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SpiritDog Training
Further Learning

SpiritDog Training Online Dog Training

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56 Ave Del Sol, Cedar Crest, 87008, united-states

SpiritDog Training | Dog Barking
SpiritDog Training | Avoid Stress
SpiritDog Training | Proactive Training
SpiritDog Training | Raising a Puppy
SpiritDog Training | stingy with the treats
SpiritDog Training | Social Butterfly
SpiritDog Training Tip | Common Mistakes
SpiritDog Training | Distracted Dog - Sit
SpiritDog Training | Game - Go Play
SpiritDog Training | 6 weeks is too young
SpiritDog Training - | Choosing a puppy
SpiritDog Training | Podgy student
SpiritDog Training | Game - recall
SpiritDog Training | Fixated with treats
SpiritDog Training | Stingy with treats
SpiritDog Training | Food guarding
SpiritDog Training -| Anxious dog
SpiritDog Training | Reactive dog - doorbell
SpiritDog Training | Behaviour issues
SpiritDog Training | What your reactive dog needs
SpiritDog Training | Socialising a puppy
SpiritDog Training | Reactive dog
SpiritDog Training | Prey Drive
SpiritDog Training | 5 min training hack

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Street Address
56 Ave Del Sol
Cedar Crest
Post Code
United States

Positive and Effective Online Dog Training

Train With SpiritDog From The Comfort Of Your Own Home!

SpiritDog Training provides the best dog training courses online. 

SpiritDog Training Online Dog Training

They are committed to providing their clients with modern, positive, science-based and effective training methods.

You can ask questions under every single lesson, their trainer will get back to you with individualized advice.

 dog and owner grey icon

SpiritDog is the most extensive dog training resource on the internet.

With 700 step-by-step lessons and 420 videos covering:

- basic obedience and leash walking

- tricks and games

- behavioural issues such as aggression and separation anxiety

- potty training issues

- tackling reactivity


Complete and professional dog training from the comfort of your home


Perfect Obedience Bundle


Perfect Obedience Bundle

Basic Obedience and Loose Lead Walking

Two courses in one - this bundle will let you hit the ground running.

Flexible Learning - Positive and Effective Obedience Training, Online and Anytime!

• Teach every important obedience skill

• Training from the comfort of your home

• Ask unlimited questions to our trainer

• Lifetime access to all training videos

• 7-Day money-back guarantee

 Get The Bundle 


SpiritDog Masterclass

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SpiritDog Masterclass

Turn your dog into the ulti'mutt teammate!

Full lifetime membership to all SpiritDog online courses!

You won't find more comprehensive training anywhere - and because we know that, you get your money back if you don't like it, no questions asked.

The Masterclass Includes 17 Extensive Courses

Learn anywhere - anytime

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SpiritDog Academy 

Effective and Stress-Free Dog Training

Whether you’re dealing with a misbehaving dog or just want to teach your companion some neat tricks, SpiritDog Academy will help.

• 700 step-by-step lessons to achieve anything and everything with your pup

• Scientifically proven, positive methods that will transform your relationship with your dog

• bPDFs and certificates to download and keep forever

• Weekly Zoom meetings with Steffi and an online community for all your questions

Choose from 3 Plans

(Click on the links below for full details) 

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Puppy Starter  |  All you need to get started

Gives access to 5 core courses | 11 Roadmaps | Community

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  Super Dog  |  Best Value 

ALL 17 current courses | ALL future courses | 11 Roadmaps | Community | Complete quizzes | Earn badges and certificates | Attend weekly Zoom meetings/view recordings | Video blog

Paw print | Grey

  Legend Dog  |  The Complete Package

 All 17 current courses | Future courses | 11 Roadmaps| Community | Complete quizzes | Badges and Certificates | Attend weekly Zoom meetings/view recordings | Video blog | A 30 min private, one-on-one remote session with our trainer every month

Satisfaction guaranteed! Get your money back in the first 14 days if you don’t like the class.


 Spiritdog walking to heel

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Dog Training Made Easy

Positive, step-by-step instruction will help you train your dog in a short amount of time.

Their well-proven methods will explain to your dog what you want him to do fast and efficiently.


SpiritDog Training Tips and games

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Meet Steffi Trott

"I have four dogs of my own and a passion for improving and exploring the human-canine connection. I studied dog training with multi-world champions in agility and European Open winners. I have chased the best in the world on this subject, both the practical experience of the world’s best trainers and the scientific publications.  I have not only trained dogs. I have taught thousands of people how to train dogs, both locally and online, since 2013."


Steffi Trott

Join SpiritDog to start your dog training journey today! 




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Pet Blog

2023-05-05 00:36:27

Hi Glyn,  There could be all sorts of things going on here depending on his age, breed and medical history. Some breeds, like the

2023-05-05 00:34:15

I have a 19-week-old male guinea pig, he's indoors, an only pig, and is handled daily, he's on good feed, plenty of fresh vegs, fruit, and

2023-05-05 00:33:38

My dog is an extremely fussy eater and thin because of this. He's a happy healthy young boy - can you advise how to encourage

2023-05-05 00:33:10

When I got her, she was in just a tank with a water bowl. No hide house, no basking light, no branches to climb; nothing. She has all that now

2023-05-05 00:32:19

I have a rescue dog who is very nervous about men & strangers, but she will not let me near her to clip her nails or put drops in her ears if