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Win a Fab Giftbox worth £40 for your dog - from Healthful Pets 'best for your pets naturally'

Closes 16th February 2018 at 11.59pm

 To enter, simply answer the question on the form below!


running dog    running dog   running dog 

This Dog Gift Box is worth £40 and comprises of:

• Green & Wilds Olive Octopus Eco Dog Toy (40cm long and 13cm at its widest point

• Simply Fido Stuffless Oscar Monkey with crinkle paper and organic plush cotton

• Alfie and Molly's Piggy's Delights Treats

• Bedtime Biscuits by Lily's Kitchen

• PawTection by The Natural Dog Company



Olive the Octipus Toy

Olive the Octopus by Green & Wilds is an eco dog toy for you and your dog to have lots of fun with, whilst being safe in the knowledge that it is made from natural, renewable and recyclable materials.

With an added recycled crinkler bottle for that extra “crunch”. This Made from sustainable jute which is a natural plant fibre and covered in a soft suede. It is robust and produced without using any added compound that would harm or be released when chewed.

Olive octopus


Piggy's Delight

Alfie and Molly's Piggy's Delights Treats are a natural treat that your dog will love! Human grade 100% British Pork and gently air-dried these delicious treats are a combination of liver, heart and kidney in all different shapes and sizes. Ideal as a high reward training treat which is a tasty and healthy addition to any dog's diet.

This chewy treat will also help reduce tartar build up and help maintain healthy teeth and gums. These dog treats are 100% natural - nothing artificial.

piggy s delights



PawTection by The Natural Dog Company is a vegan, organic, all-natural blend of carefully selected waxes and oils which has been specially formulated to create a nourishing barrier to protect soft and delicate paw pads against the elements, such as heat, cold, sand, salt, and snow.

PawTector is great for using before outdoor activities such as walking, going to the beach or simply going outside in cold or hot weather. PawTector helps to guard against the drying and damaging effects of the elements by locking in moisture and helping to prevent drying and damage.

PT 2ozStick web 1024x1024


Oscar Monkey Plush Toy

Simply Fido plush toys are made from organic cotton and low impact dyes and come with a lovely recycled cardboard handtag. Petite Oscar Monkey is a great buddy for your furry companion.

Oscar's soft organic outer is durable and well made and the fact that non-toxic dyes are used you can be assured that any play is safe. Oscar’s body has a loud squeaker for added play-time fun and interaction.

oscar monkey 6 inch


Lily's Kitchen Bedtime Treats

These artisanal organic dog Bedtime Biscuits by Lily's Kitchen are made with delicious organic ingredients including organic oats and organic rye flour together with organic chamomile and passionflowers which have wonderful therapeutic and nutritious qualities. The organic probiotic yoghurt helps digestion.

These hand-baked dog biscuits are hypoallergenic and wheat free and do not contain any chemicals or anything artificial.

bedtime biscuit


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For more information visit https://www.healthfulpets.co.uk


For your chance to win this Fab Giftbox for your Dog just answer the question on the form below! 

Closes 16th February 2018 at 11.59pm

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  Start the Canicross Couch to 5K TODAY!  

In just 8 weeks DogFit will take you on an enjoyable fitness journey from couch-5k. Best of all, you go every step of the way with your dog.

Designed for complete beginners (you just need to be able to walk briskly for half an hour), this is a structured and fun plan that will get you and your dog off the couch and jogging 30 continuous minutes in just 8 weeks.


dogfit 1


Each week you will get access to extensive course material that includes both canicross and running tips and expertise to support you and your dog on your journey.

Best of all, you won’t be on your own. You’ll be doing this with the support of your best four legged buddy…your very own personal trainer!

DogFit are the only canicross company to offer this course.

We know that many people struggle to find the time to walk the dog and then get down the gym. Or they just struggle to get motivated in the first place. Well, with DogFit’s new Couch to 5K canicross course you can kill two birds with one stone whilst also building a special bond with your four legged best friend.

Not only that, the two of you will be working towards a shared goal.

Upon completion you will receive a special medal to celebrate your success!


21317656 1371240819610874 3877465949750220015 n


Dogfit.co.uk is the ‘go to’ place for everything you need to know about getting fit with your dog. 

Canicross is the exciting and fast growing sport of off-road running with your dog. It offers a fun, social and highly effective way for you and your dog to get fit. It is also the safest way to enjoy running with your dog – by using specially designed equipment that allows you to run hands free and for your dog to run comfortably and efficiently.

From walking to canicross Dogfit bring you quality products, advice and training support through bespoke classes to help you reach your goals, whether they are simply to be more active or to enjoy a social and fun way to get and stay fit along with your dog. 



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Email: hello@dogfit.co.uk

Call: 01932 300345



Your dog is a family member.  If one of your two-legged family members had a mobility issue (and that includes crawling babies) you’d do the best to make things safe for them. 

The same should be for your four-legged friend. 

When we make our AchyPaw Canine Physical Therapy home visits, we don’t just offer massage and exercise advice, but also give advice on appropriate home adaptations which might help their dog feel more comfy and safe.



achy paw banner


Here is a simple A, B, C to help make some improvements.

A is for ACCESS. 

How many steps and stairs does your dog walk up and down daily in your house just to get around or to get in and out?  Are they human sized steps? 

You can make simple and inexpensive improvements to ease their access.

If you’ve got full sized stairs, buy some Half Steps (they are used for human mobility aids).  We’ve got an old house with clumsy sized steps.  No more – we have half steps everywhere which are more dog sized.  Some are bought, some are home made. 

older pooch


The dogs don’t seem to care how expensive they are, just how safe they now feel.  And they must work as when we have canine visitors to our house, they always go straight to Sarah’s Steps rather than the bigger ones. And Corkie’s Dad even built a special Corkie Stair Left to help get him up all the flights of stairs from the ground level to the top.  

Sometimes, a ramp might be necessary.  There are many varieties available but check the size and weight they can hold – and how manageable they are for you - or you might not use them.  You could even make your own. 

To get from our back door to the car, there were many different sized steps. We made a ramp by cutting decking planks to size, fixing them to a frame, and placing it over the offending steps. If your dog goes up and down stairs on their own but is now getting a bit wobbly, buy a stair guard to put up when you’re out so they don’t try to climb and fall down.





B is for BOREDOM. 

If your dog is slowing down a bit in their senior years, you can hide the ball that finds its way under the sofa and introduce some Mind Games.  Again, you can find all sorts to buy or make one with tennis balls in a muffin tin with treats hidden underneath.  The dogs will spend ages picking out the balls to get to the treats. 

Snuffle Mats, perhaps  hiding low calorie treats, can encourage mind stimulation.


Pic 3


C is for CARPETS or lack of. 

This is the top way to keep your dog injury free according to Natalie Lenton of the Canine Massage Therapy Centre  (http://www.k9-massageguild.co.uk/the-number-1-way-to-keep-your-dog-injury-free/). I know, laminate floors are easy to look after, but they can be very tricky to navigate if you’ve got aging joints or small paws. 

You don’t need to completely carpet your house, just provide islands of runners and mats so the dogs can get safely from their bed, to the door, to their food bowl.  Otherwise, to the dog, it can be like walking over a glacier.  I always carry a number of carpet runners in my car for visits for demonstration.  Every time the dogs, walk straight to it and on it.



D is for DRIVING (you not the dog). 

You’re going to take your dog for a walk.  How do you get them in the car?  If they are light enough, you can lift them.  But this is not always possible.  Again, there are many ramps and portable stairs to help them get into the car. 

The main requirement for me when I bought my new car, was the height of the boot.  Not too high and enough to fit our drive perfectly.  We even built a bridge for the dogs to get in and out.  Simple but effective.  While you’re there, warm them up before you drive them for their walk and cool them down when they’ve finished.  We use the simplest but effective warm-up / cool-down called the Locomotion.

Check out our Facebook page for further information videos.




E is for EXTRA HELP. 

Some dogs with mobility problems or getting senior, find it hard to get up from lying down.  Try a harness. 

There are several that have handles front and back which will give your dog that little extra assistance and thus confidence to stand up.  Some can even be left on all day but check out how comfy they feel before you do.  If you haven’t got a harness, a towel or a strong scarf also works wonders.




F is for FOOD BOWL (and water bowl). 

Try this.  Get on all fours.  Imagine your food is on the floor.  Bend down to reach it.  Ouch – your neck starts to hurt, your back aches. 

If that food was raised a few inches it would make the whole process easier and comfier.





Z is for ZZZZZZZZZ (sleep and bedtime). 

Is your dog sleeping comfortably?  Try sitting on their bed for a while.  Do you feel a bit numb? 

It might be the bed needs more padding, to be firmer or perhaps a memory foam mattress.  Again, you can buy all sorts of these or make them yourself.  We bought some memory foam offcuts, some cheap bed covers, cut the foam to size, slip them in the covers, dogs love them.



A few simple but effective ways to help your dog feel safer getting around and about the house.

By Dr Les Ellam


Achy Paw Logo



About AchyPaw

Home to Supple Dogs

We offer a one to one physical therapy treatment session for the needs of your dog. This includes massage, exercise advice, home adaptation advice and individualised reference workbooks.
We also deliver classes and workshops on a group or individual basis teaching you how to massage your own dog at home.

We use specialised knowledge and training from both canine and human massage skills and experience to detect and target troublesome areas in your dog. Regular physical therapy for your dog offers a drug free form of pain relief that can help to prevent recurrence of the conditions that caused the pain, keep your pet in top condition, help to maintain their health and comfort and improve their quality of life.
By being able to offer this multi-modal approach of massage, complementary therapy, myotherapy, exercise and advice, we offer an integrative and affordable holistic mode of care for your dog. 




Visit their website here: https://achypaw.com 

Follow them on Facebook & Twitter 


100% Independent Award-Winning Natural Pet Superstore

Scampers Natural Pet Store based in Soham, Cambridgeshire has been THE place to visit for all things pets since 1985.

Scampers boasts 14,000 sq. ft. of pure pet paradise - full to the brim with the best pet accessories, medicines, training aids, toys, beds, foods and of course... treats!


scampers exterior


We recently took a trip to Scampers to find out why they are leading the pack in the UK's pet care industry.


scampers Grace bloggif

 scampers we love all pets


1. Ingredients Display

Every single pet food and treat has its ingredients clearly displayed on-shelf, so you know exactly what is in the foods you buy. It makes it very simple for you to choose which food is right for your pet.


60 original


However, if you're not sure, their highly trained Pet Care Advisors are always on-hand to address any nutritional questions and advise you on the best food for your pet.

You can even try before you buy with a free sample from their tasting table.


 tasting table


2. Reward and Loyalty Cards

Scampers Rewards are a great way to save money shopping at Scampers!
It's simple; for every £5 spent in-store they give you one stamp; the completed card (20 stamps) is worth £2.50 to spend at Scampers on your next visit.


rewards 6


3. Champions of Feeding Your Pet As Natural As Possible

Scampers are champions of feeding your pets as natural a diet as possible, they have revolutionised how people in the UK feed their dogs and cats, this approach has gained them an international reputation as leaders in the pet care industry.


33 original


Scampers carry an unrivalled selection of totally natural, Biologically Appropriate Real/Raw Food (BARF) and high meat content food, such as:

Gentle Cold Pressed Dog Food, Canagan, Acana, Orijen, Symply, Natures Menu, Nutriment, ZiWi Peak, McAdams, Carnilove, Denes, Thrive, Meat Love, Piccolo, Lovejoys ... plus many more


raw food freezers  


4. In-store Veterinary Practice

They've even got an in-store Veterinary Practice so your pets always get the right medical care. Highly experienced veterinary surgeons and nurses, led by Theo Gould, offer you a caring, compassionate and independent service.

 vet centre


5. Their Ethical Approach

Scampers always put the welfare of your animals first and they’re happy to say you won’t find pets for sale at Scampers either.

Scampers also try and reduce their carbon paw print as much as possible by using LED lighting throughout the shop and recycling as much of their waste as possible. 

It is certainly safe to say that you’ll never find a place like Scampers!

If you would like to take a trip to pet-paradise to see for yourself then they’re open 7 days a week with free parking - Pets are of course, very welcome too!


34 original



Website:  www.scampers.co.uk

Address: Northfield Crossroads, A142 Soham Bypass, Soham, Ely, Cambridgeshire, CB7 5UF

Telephone: 01353 720431


fb   tw 


scampers your pets natural choice

The most important foods to avoid are:


A small amount of ripe tomato is unlikely to cause any problems, but green tomatoes can cause serious stomach upsets and even heart problems, so it’s best to avoid them.

Onions (and garlic)

Can cause blood problems including anaemia. Again small amounts are very unlikely to cause any problems, but to be on the safe side I only use small amounts of garlic and very little onion in my recipes.

Grapes and raisins

Both can cause very serious illness including kidney problems, and large amounts have been known to be fatal to dogs, so avoid wherever possible.


One of the ingredients of chocolate, theobromine, is related to caffeine, and some dogs react very badly to it, showing signs such as hyper-excitability, increased heart rate and muscle tremors. Dark chocolates contain the most theobromine, but I’d advise keeping all chocolate away from dogs.


Best avoided as some dogs will not tolerate mushrooms well and they can cause serious toxicity.

iStock 77476163 SMALL


On the other side of the equation, there are a few rather surprising ingredients which are really healthy for your dog, such as:


In the wild, dogs would have scavenged windfall fruit as well as digesting the remains of fruit eaten by other animals when they pick over the carcass, so giving your dog fruit is not as strange as it might sound. Fresh fruit is packed full of anti-oxidants, vitamins and all sorts of other healthy nutrients, so it’s great for keeping your dog in top condition. The only tricky part is persuading him that he really does want to eat fruit – which is where some of my more ingenious recipes involving fruit and liver come in!


This is a great source of protein, calcium and vitamins, and is particularly good for dogs with diarrhoea thanks to the probiotics it contains.

Cottage cheese

Another surprisingly healthy dairy food which is great for growing puppies and lactating bitches.

Raw bones

There’re a lot of scare stories about feeding bones to your dog, but in fact, as long as they aren’t cooked, they are really safe and very good for your dog in many ways (never feed cooked bones as these will splinter and cause lots of trouble).

Raw bones provide an excellent source of minerals such as calcium, as well as keeping your dog’s teeth clean, and keeping him entertained for hours on end. So don’t be afraid to ask your butcher for a good big juicy marrowbone every now and then – your dog will love you for it!

Puppy Food

Healthy nutrition is one of the most important things to get right when you’re bringing up a puppy, which I why I would recommend that you generally stick to a proper complete diet at this time.

Getting the right mix of essential protein, vitamins and minerals is hard to achieve with home cooked recipes if that is all you are feeding, whereas the complete diets have been specially formulated to contain everything a growing puppy needs. However, that’s not to say there isn’t a place for the occasional puppy treat and special meal.




New Organic Shampoo from Fenton & Charles

New organic shampoo from Bristol based Fenton & Charles, available in Lavender; Zesty Orange; Mint & Eucalyptus; Fragrance Free.

It’s been designed to offer the dog owner peace of mind that they’re bathing their darling in a product that’s natural, gentle and organic.


iStock 519552196

250ml - £10.50

It’s been well documented that humans love their dogs as much as their own children, and it’s a feeling that is mutual. The bond between human and hound is irreplaceable and unimaginable if yet discovered.

So why would you use anything other than the new natural collection of Organic Dog Shampoo from Fenton & Charles for a spot of pampering?


Fenton Charles Dog Shampoo


The Organic Collection

The Lavender shampoo is gently soothing with healing properties and a calming fragrance whereas the Mint & Eucalyptus is beneficial when cleaning out stubborn or smelly stains, leaving a super soft coat.

The Zesty Orange scented shampoo boasts numerous health benefits due to the high content of antioxidant compounds, working to naturally balance the oils of your dogs skin, resulting in silky soft coat with extra shine, sure to get them noticed!

The Fragrance Free shampoo is the mildest of the range, perfect for those with sensitive skin or prone to allergies.

Instructions for use

The shampoo works best when a small amount is applied directly onto a wet dog and worked onto a light lather.

It’s been designed to be a low foaming product - it’s well publicised how harmful foaming agents can be for your own hair so Fenton & Charles have worked tirelessly to ensure their dog shampoos don’t contain them either. Just be sure to rinse well.

Benefits of using Fenton & Charles Organic Shampoo

The Organic collection contains absolutely no nasties - there’s no artificial fragrances, they’re all made in the UK using hand selected organic essential oils. The products are suitable for dogs of all ages (puppies included!) and all coat types.

When your dog means the world to you, why wouldn’t you bathe them in the best?


fenton charles logo



The Fenton & Charles App.

Free to download from the App Store & Google play

Their app makes it easy for you to order your dogs food on the go, keeps you up-to-date with their news and offers and gives you access to their loyalty programme.

Download for free here: http://wsu.ma/636033928293156276


fenton and charles app


Fenton & Charles pride themselves on offering the very best hypoallergenic, grain free dog food and treats and their recently launched organic shampoo collection. As dog owners and fans themselves, they know of the irreplaceable bond between dog owner and human, and only make products they'd be happy to give to their own pets.


dog banner2


WIN a Maternity Fleece Paw'fect For Dog Walkers!

The UK's first range of outdoor maternity wear!

Competition closes on the 8th January 2018


Product Features

• Breathable microfibre fleece

• Non-pilling material to stop bobbling

• Adjustable panels for during and after pregnancy

• Quarter length zip


16.Blue Fleece LR


 This fleece is ideal throughout pregnancy and beyond.

The unique expandable side panel features means it will last longer than the majority of maternity wear available as the fleece grows with your bump, it can then be reduced back down afterwards so you can wear it post-pregnancy.


IMG 6323web


It is the perfect accompaniment to any winter wardrobe, and will keep you warm during those cold winter months. Whether you're out walking the dog, down at the stables, or snuggled on the sofa, this fleece offers that extra layer of warmth you need this time of year.




Made from thick microfibre fleece it definitely provides comfort and warmth, as well as being breathable, so you and your bump don’t overheat.  It can be zipped up to keep out any cold draughts to feel nice and warm round your neck, or unzipped in the warmer weather.

 Manufactured in the UK you can be assured of the quality, its ethically made and has a minimum carbon footprint.


IMG 6322web


Size Guide (UK – in inches)

Size 10    Chest 42″   Waist (Expanded) 50″

Size 12    Chest 44″   Waist (Expanded) 52″

 Size 14    Chest 46″   Waist (Expanded) 54″ 

Size 16    Chest 54″   Waist (Expanded) 56″


cropped mother and nature id 79 1467999562


For your chance to win a fabulous fleece from Mother & Nature just answer the question below.


This competition can be found on the following websites:

Loquax • The Prize Finder • UK Competitions • Competitions Time • Competition Database• Competitiors Companion • Win Free Stuff

Countdown to Christmas

The Good Vet and Pet Guide's Top 10 Recommendations for Christmas 2017

Here it is! Our long-awaited Top 10 Xmas gifts for the pet lover in your life and their pets!

With a variety of Toys, Accessories, Training Products and More we aim to help you pick the paw’fect gift for your four-legged friend…





1.  Handmade Wooden Doggy Toy Box from Wet Nosed (& furry) Friends, by Sally Grist-Artwork.co.uk

The Christmas 'Must Have' for dog lovers!  


il 570xN.1289222678 oebq


 When we received this through the post our first reaction was ‘WOW’ and just by looking at the Toy Box you can understand why this is at the top of our list.  Not only is the Toy Box completely aesthetically pleasing and adorable but also completely practical for any pet-owner! 

Handmade in the UK from solid wood, this Toy Box can become a stunning feature to your home.  It’s beautiful shabby Driftwood style evokes images of coastal walks along the beach with your four-legged friend, and it even has little pebble paw prints decorating it!


il 570xN.1289209482 rm3s il 570xN.1336458349 aa12

Every single Toy Box is unique and no two are completely alike.  The Bone shaped plaque on the front of the Toy Box can be customised with your choice of wordings and names – making it the ultimate personal gift for your pooch this Christmas!




This truly is our ULTI'MUTT Pet Product for 2017 and would recommend to anybody who is looking for something simple yet quirky!

Where can you buy The Doggy Toy Box?

Available at: Etsy for £70 plus £12 shipping (UK)

Ready to ship in 1–2 business days.

 christmas PNG



2.  Ruffle Train ’n’ Treat Ball from Ruffle Snuffle 

 Your dogs will go 'head over tail' for this handmade toy!


IMG 2729 large 500x500


 The Train ’n’ Treat Ball is made from a lovely fleece material that is warn and cosy for this time of year! It is great to use as a reward toy as you can pop in a couple of treats and then throw for your pet to chase. 

Alfie is a bit of a chewer, so I was extremely pleased to see how extremely strong the material was and that there was no breakage whatsoever, even after over a week!  Being machine washable is also an added bonus for all pet-owners!  


alfie and the treat ball


Available at: Ruffle Snuffle £5.50

Unfortunately we have just found out that last orders for Christmas Delivery was the 1st December 

Christmas Transparent Background


3. Caitec Chase ‘n Chomp Sticky Bone From Ruff Shop 

Paw'fect for dogs who love food and love to play!




The Chase ‘n Chomp is a toy of dreams for a Dog like Alfie who loves food and loves to play – and this toy offers both!   A central hole in the middle of the toy as well as the grooves at both ends allows you to stuff your dog’s favourite treat inside to keep him/her busy!

This toy will do wonders for Pet Groomers, Owners and Veterinary Clinics!  The bone can be stuck to any flat, hard surface e.g. floors, walls and windows to keep your dog distracted from whatever may be occurring. 


chase n chomp

Available at: Ruff Shop £14.49 - Available in Green or Blue 

Christmas Transparent Background


4.  Eco Dog Toy: Jute DonutHouse of Henry

'Donut' buy your pup anything else this Christmas! 


IMG 4035.rotated


 We were fortunate enough to be able to trial this out with Alfie the Cocker Spaniel and I am pleased to say – he certainly wasn’t disappointed!

This Jute donut shaker toy is 24cm in diameter, made with multiple layers of natural Jute fabric and inserted with coconut fibre rope making it tough and safe for chewers like Alfie!  

Being Eco-friendly, durable and bio-degradable, this natural toy was helping to look after Alfie’s teeth while he was busy playing and chewing.


Available at:  House of Henry £8.00 + Delivery

Christmas Transparent Background


5. PawseccoRosé Wine & White Wine for Dogs and Cats

The perfect treat for those of four feet…

pawsecco 500x500


Why not celebrate ‘Yappy Hour’ with a cool bowl of Pawsecco – the purr’fect tipple for Cats and Dogs! It's non-alcoholic, non-carbonated and grape-free, which means you can give your pet the ultimate tonic and treat!  These specialised healthy, herbal infusions are made with 100% natural herbs using Elderflower, Nettle, Ginseng and Lime Flower.

We LOVE these and think your pet will too – who doesn’t deserve a tipple or two over Christmas?

Available from: Wolf Peak £8.99  

Christmas Transparent Background


6. Luxury Wicker Dog Basket Tray for Dogs & Christmas Cracker For Cats from  Broadreach Nature+

Spoil your Pooch with a luxury basket full of healthy goodies!

The tray includes: 1 x 100g Venison Strips, 1 x 100g Fish & Potato Training & Rewarding Treats, 1 x Christmas Dog Cracker with Chicken & Turmeric Sausages, 2 x Organic, Virgin Raw Coconut Oil Sachets and 1 x Christmas Dog Toy & Ball Selection.

Christmas Tray 900x954


Christmas Cracker For Cats 

silver crackerGold Cracker  

Two yummy fillings to choose from! Fish & Potato or Poultry & Potato 50g 

Products available from: Broadreach Nature+ from £5.99 

Christmas Transparent Background


7. Stainless Steel Dog Water Bottle – Big Paws

The Dog Water Bottle is a stainless steel flask that lets your dog drink directly from the bottle!

Long Paws Pet Water Bottle Collection 1024x1024

The flask offers a unique lick’n’flow system that releases water as your dog licks. It releases just enough water for a single sip, which helps to reduce water wastage.The bottles are made from stainless steel and BPA-free plastic. They are hygienic, free from harmful chemicals, easy to clean and dogs learn to use them easily.

The Dog Water Bottle is ideal for taking along when you and your dog go out for a walk!

Available from: Big Paws £9.00

Christmas Transparent Background


8. Dazzling Deluxe Collar – Stampede Equestrian £37.00 NOW £31.00

Leave a Little Glitter Wherever You Go!


17022529 656347067909307 7092264944154861222 n


Let your Pooch sparkle all party season this Christmas with a beautiful looking collar designed to glint, sparkle and shine! 

The collar does not contain crystals so is more robust but is super sparkly due to the light reflecting cups.

Available in sizes Medium & Large and different styles available.

Available at: Stampede Equestrian Sale Price £31.00

Christmas Transparent Background


9. Cat Cottage Bed/House/ Footstool All-in-One - My Four Cats Designs

Who said Cat Naps can’t be stylish?

il fullxfull.1338781348 939i

Home Décor ‘Shabby Chic’ Rustic House for your Cat not only makes the comfiest of living spaces but also makes a quirky accessory for your home! Trimmed in superior quality Sisal accents and solid Pine throughout.

The Cat Cottage also features a distressed stained wood that has been painted white in Pet-Safe materials and a luxury faux fixed cushion roof.

Available at:  MyFourCatsDesigns £135 + Free Shipping

Christmas Transparent Background


10. All For Paws Fetch n Treat – Training Lines £27.99 £19.90

Enjoy some play time this Christmas with the Fetch n Treat!


23657897 1535793676542781 6035823841509376000 n


If your Dog loves a tennis ball, the Fetch n Treat is an ideal gift this Christmas.

Simply fill the chamber with treats (or kibble) for the reward and when the ball is dropped into the hole at the top both the ball AND some treats are released at the bottom!

Available from My Training Lines £19.90


 christmas PNG


Worth a Mention 

KONG Wild Knots Bear Dog Toy from £3.49

wildknots bear


Festive Hide a Squirrel Plush Dog Toy by Outward Hound from £11.49

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Ancol Christmas Happy Rudolph Dog Toy £6.75 from K9Kit



Flutter Bug Interactive Toy for Cats from £15.95



Likit Boredom Breaker for Horses from £23.95



Christmas Hamper for Cats from Natural Pet Box £35.00

christmas hamper for cats 500x500


Rudolph's Red Sweater from Duke Loves Fergie

xmas jumper


... and that's it!  There are plenty of Christmas gifts to choose from and I hope my Christmas shortlist helped a little!


Wishing you a Happy and Safe Christmas!


Grace & 'Chief Tester' Alfie x




Win a Christmas Bundle worth £20 from 'Sea Treats'


You could win your dog a selection of natural fish treats presented in a festive jute bag!


sea treats christmas bundle



The bundle includes: 

Fishcake Bites with Turmeric - 50g 

Crunchy whitefish treats packed with natural goodness to promote the health and wellbeing of your dog.

Crunchy Crackers – 50g (dried whitefish skins)

Made from dried fish skin, these crunchy fish treats are packed with natural goodness to promote the health and wellbeing of your dog.

Whole Dried Capelin – 50g

Whole Dried Capelin treats are hypo-allergenic and grain-fee, they are rich in heart-healthy fats, these tasty treats are natural source of Omega 3 fatty acids and lean protein.

Natural Salmon Bites – 50g

Crunchy fish treats packed with natural goodness to promote the health and wellbeing of your dog. Salmon contains a healthy balanced level of Omega 3 & 6.

Whitefish Jerky Small Crunchies – 50g

100% natural dog treat rich in extra vitamins and nutrients found naturally in fish. Crunchy fish treats packed with natural goodness to promote the health and well-being of your dog.

Salmon oil – 250ml

Specifically developed for animals, this oil is high in naturally occurring omega fatty acids and is suitable for both dogs and cats, puppies and kittens.




Sea Treats - Home to the world's first MSC (Mariner Stewardship Council) certified dog treat!

100% Natural fish based dog treats. Manufactured in Grimsby, UK, from fresh fish.  Rich in essential oils and nutrients to keep your dogs fit and healthy.

Based right at the heart of the UK’s premier award winning Grimsby Seafood Village, their factory manufactures the best quality fish-based treats. Their facility is UK government approved with processes in place to UK approved standards.




For your chance to win a Sea Treats Christmas Bundle worth £20 just answer the question on the form below!

Closes 15th December 2017


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Win a Nutriment Raw Food bundle worth £30 from 'In The Raw'


 A selection of Nutriment's complete raw dog food, in 500g trays.

The dog food mixer box is an easy and convenient pack size that gives your dog the chance to try a large variety of proteins.

Chicken • Turkey • Duck • Beef • Salmon


nutriment raw


Human grade, with NO added 'nasties' such as sugars or salt.

It is full of super foods and oils, a fantastic mix of protein and other essentials for a healthy, happy pet, including:

Meat • Ground Bone • Natural oils • Vegetables • Fruit


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IN THE RAW are specialist retailers of raw food from leading brands. 

Complete, worry free meals. Chosen by experts and delivered direct to your door.

Shop online for the best raw pet food meals, treats and bones available in the UK. 


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Thinking of making the change to a raw food diet?  

'In The Raw 'can offer advice and help for anyone thinking about changing to a raw food diet.

Have a look through their Frequently Asked Questions if you can’t see what you are looking for, just email the team!


Nationwide Delivery

 logo intheraw



For your chance to win a Nutriment Bundle worth £30 just answer the question on the form below!

Closes 20th December 2017


dog medium


This competition can be found on the following websites:

Loquax • The Prize Finder • UK Competitions • Competitions TimeCompetition Database