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Contact This Business Form - Your email address is hidden from public view.

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It's easy to upgrade to a featured page - you can either choose to upgrade and pay via paypal when you submit your listing, or you can email us at and one of the team will be in touch!

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Upgrade your Page 

Reasons to upgrade your page on the GVPG

1. We are cheaper than other pet directories  Just £25 for 12 months

2. We have been around a while -  Did you know that we were the first dedicated pet directory to include the review & ratings model (we were told that it would never take off!)

3. A bigger social media audience with:

Twitter: 37,200 followers in the last 7 days we reached 1,504,127 people with 4,067,191 impressions (Sept 2018)

Facebook: 500k+ pet friendly community over the last 5 days we reached 1041,650 people with London being our top location (Sept 2018)

4. We are multi award winning! 

5. x 2 Complimentary 'In Case of Emergency Cards' for your purse or wallet 


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Listing on our directory - what's included?:

• Page Design & Maintenance

• Logo and Image Gallery

• Add up to 20 images

• Contact form - Your email address is hidden from public view

• Unlimited text

• We do not just copy and paste text from your website, we will try to provide unique copy where possible.

• No hidden fees

• Your page is highlighted within search results plus:

Your business & logo will appear on a rotating banner on our main home page, side bar of our directory, side bar of our Pet blog

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Use of our online shop

• No listing fees

• You provide us with links to products we do the rest

• Automatic inclusion to our FB shop

• We will add a Portal to your featured page which links to your shop listing

• Bonus promotion free of charge

• Operated on a No Sale No Fee basis, If you sell an item we charge 10% commission on the product price only - we do not include the P&P but, if you want the money same day you will have to pay PayPal charges. (3-day transfer via our bank is free)

• We will send you an email with all the relevant information including customer details upon each sale

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Review Widget App for ALL VIP Businesses

Online Reviews Can Help Grow Your Pet Business

Our review widget makes It's easy for you to include customer reviews on your website, and because it's interactive, it makes it easy for your clients to add one of their own with just a click of a button!

Reviews are a fabulous marketing tool, they are a simple & cost effective way in which to build trust, increase awareness, and spread the word about your great services or products from the people who really matter - your customers!  

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