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Online Reviews Can Help Grow Your Small Business or Veterinary Practice!

Our review widget makes It's easy for you to include customer reviews on your website, and because it's interactive, it makes it easy for your clients to add one of their own with just a click of a button!

Reviews are a fabulous marketing tool, they are a simple & cost effective way in which to build trust, increase awareness, and spread the word about your great services or products from the people who really matter - your customers!

• According to Search Engine Land, 87% of potential customers won’t consider businesses with low ratings.

• An astounding 92% of consumers read online reviews of local businesses in order to determine whether these businesses are good or not

• 80 percent trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.


If you have listing on our directory and you would like a review app for your website please get in touch! 


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Review Criteria

Rather than having a single 'one size fits' star rating, we have created a separate review criteria for each category on our directory.

The review criteria for Veterinary Practices will differ from the criteria set for Pet Products which will differ from Pet friendly Holidays and so on ... This makes it far easier for your client to write their review and allows the reader to make an informed decision when searching for pet services or products.


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Reviews on the GV&PG - The Benefits

• Our reviews are indexed by Google so your star rating is displayed in Google search results.

• Reviews are monitored by a human being!

• Your clients are not required to register an account with us to leave a review

• Right to reply - you can respond to every review received - even if it's just to say thanks!

• Your clients can add their own images to accompany their review

• Anonymous reviews made showing an invalid email address will automatically be rejected

• Count towards our Business of the Year Awards There is an award for each category and an overall GVPG winner.


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Reviews are indexed by Google so your star rating is displayed in Google search results.


What Happens if I Receive a Positive or Negative Review?

All reviews on the Good vet and Pet Guide are monitored by a member of the GV&PG team. Positive reviews are published immediately and reviews received via our featured pages will be shared on our Facebook page and Twitter platform

Negative reviews will be held pending confirmation / response from you. If we do not receive a reply and the review meets our Terms & Conditions it will be published after three working days.

We do not accept anonymous reviews and may ask reviewers to prove that they are a bona fide client of the business they are reviewing. If the reviewer fails to provide the necessary confirmation, we will not publish the review.

I have received a negative review - what should I do now?