Review Terms & Conditions

Reviews that contain defamatory allegations of fact will be removed. However, clients will be given the opportunity to express their honestly held opinion about any business on our site.

We will request evidence that the reviewer has been a client of the business before publishing if we have any doubts over authenticity, or if the business concerned express doubts over authenticity.

If, on request, the reviewer cannot provide reasonable evidence they are a client of the business we will not publish the review.

If the person leaving the review has proved to us beyond reasonable doubt that they are a paying client of the business, but will not produce a review that is acceptable to our terms and conditions we will remove the comments but publish the star rating.

We reserve the right to edit the reply provided by the business if the response infringes the client’s confidentiality, or does not fulfil the ‘decent, legal and honest’ criteria that all reviews must meet.

Any duplicated reviews or those which do not seem to be produced by a human (spam) will be deleted.

The business will be notified by email when any reviews good or bad are left.

If clients who have previously left a review wish to leave a new, up to date, version they can do so.