All Things Raw with Jamie from Wolf Peak

Hey Dog Lovers!

I’m Jamie and it’s my belief that every dog deserves to live life to the fullest – and I’m here to help. 

Arrow and Jamie


I’ve spent the last few years setting up my own natural nutrition business and helping dog owners like you, feed their dogs in a healthier, more natural way.

My passion came from my own dog, Arrow who really struggled with stomach problems as a pup. We spent hundreds of pounds on tests, vet bills, “special diet” foods and everything in between until we came across raw food. It was our breeder that suggested it and in our own naivety didn’t even know that it existed.

Once we had him switched to a complete raw diet the results were almost instant and you could visibly see that he was a happier dog.



Since that moment I set myself on a mission to not only educate myself but everyone else that I encountered and reveal to the world that there are better, more natural ways to feed our canine companions.

At Wolf Peak we don’t compromise on quality, it really is only the best and if the best starts not to be… then off the shelves it goes. We don’t mess around as our customer’s dogs (and our own) is at the heart of all we do.

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Your local raw dog food supplier in Kent and across the UK. Only the best complete raw dog food from the best manufacturers in the market.

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