5 Essential Items for Travelling With Your Dog

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Travels with My Hound

If you think travelling with a baby in tow is challenging, try taking a trip with a dog! Our furry companions need quite a lot of things packed for their travels. 

Spark Paws have helpfully put together their list of 5 essential items you will need when travelling with your dog.  


Vaccination Records

For legal reasons, always bring your dog’s vaccination records with you when you travel. There are places that require you to present these papers before you are even given permission to enter.

Since dogs can potentially carry diseases into a country, a state, or any place for that matter, it is only proper to require some proof that the dog is healthy and not a threat to the local fauna. 

 Vaccinations / illustration of a needle


Extra Leash Or Collar

Your dog’s leash and collar are two of the easiest stuff to misplace. Since you often change hands when attaching or releasing them from the dog, you usually end up placing the leash or the collar on the floor (or any surface) during the process. This is often how they get left behind or lost.

To prevent that from happening, always bring an extra in the car or in your backpack. 

An illustration of a red dog collar

Dog Treats

Especially if your dog is properly trained, dog treats serve as the most diplomatic way of making them follow.

These treats can come in handy when there is no time to put the leash on or when you just simply need them to calm them down immediately.

In fact, dog treats, especially the chewable ones, can even be used to soothe your dog when it becomes slightly agitated (from the noise or some other external stimulus).


Pet food and treat illustration


Dog Poop Bags

Unlike people, dogs usually go when they gotta go. 

Unfortunately, they sometimes go in the most inconvenient of places, and you can’t exactly blame them for that.

What you can do, however, is to always have dog poop bags in your backpack to remedy the problem.


a dog playing in the leaves at autumn  

Grooming Stuff

If your travel is expected to last longer than a day, better carry some grooming stuff for your dog too.

This prevents your dog from forming unsightly permanent mats on their coat as a result of all the walking and moving around.


 cartoon | grooming equipment


Dog Clothes

In order to provide some extra layer of protection for your dog against heat, cold, and rain while travelling, you should also bring some clothes for your furry companion.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a dog raincoatIt can be his usual shirt, or sweater, or even some shoes - preferably something your dog is used to so it provides comfort instead of additional stress.



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