New Year’s Resolutions for your Cat or Dog

Have you made any New Year’s resolutions yet for your cat or dog?

If you haven’t, here are a few ideas....


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Get Grooming!

Not every dog or cat needs a thorough grooming every single day but making regular time to groom has numerous health benefits for your pet as well as giving your vacuum cleaner a much-needed rest!

Grooming isn’t all about the fur — it’s also about being familiar with any changes to your pet’s body. The grooming routine will give you the opportunity to check for any lumps or bumps that may have the potential to turn nasty. Early diagnosis is always key.




Get Brushing!

You may not like doing it (and nor will your pet!) but regular brushing of your cat or dog’s teeth has numerous health benefits for your pet. Removal of decaying teeth is an expensive process too! Click here to read a handy guide to brushing your pet’s teeth safely and effectively.


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Create a Regular Training Routine

There is absolutely no doubt that a well-trained and well-adjusted pet is a pleasure to live with. Pets who exhibit aggression or other anti-social behaviour are not ‘bad’ – they simply require proper training. Whatever sum you invest in training (whether in time or money) is always a great investment. A happy dog is a pleasure to live with.

Check out our website to find a great trainer or behaviourist in your area.


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Find a Great Vet!

There’s absolutely no excuse not to find a great vet – our website is absolutely packed with them. If your vet isn’t delivering the standard of care that you deserve, then go somewhere else. You can find a great vet here:

Having a good relationship with your vet can save you money too. Having regular check-ups can help identify health problems before they become difficult and expensive to treat.

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Get Cleaning!

We know it’s boring, but there are lots of nasty little health problems that can be eradicated but regular cleaning of your pet’s bedding and bowls. Just bung bowls in the dishwasher (if the bowls are dishwasher-safe) or wash them by hand using hot, soapy water.

Bedding and covers should be washed weekly on a high temperature and crates and carriers that are frequently used should also be cleaned weekly using pet-safe cleaning products.

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All Work & No Play…

Play is so important, not just for kittens and puppies, but also for adult dogs and cats. We tend to think just of exercising our pets but a good play session will mentally stimulate your dog or cat as much as mad run in the mark.

Playing with your pet will also help strengthen your bond, so don’t forget to schedule in a bit of time to play.

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So go ahead — write down your goals, post them up where you can see them and see just how great you and your pets feel at this time next year!