Old Dog Power Juice

 Perfect for Older Dogs

A revitalising juice drink which old dogs will love. Feed this once a week, and you’ll keep him fighting fit for years to come!


You will need:


• 100g chicken liver
• 300g assorted fruit and veg – anything you have to hand (except onions, tomatoes, grapes, and mushrooms) 


1. Put the liver in a small bowl and pour over just enough boiling water to cover. Let it stand for ten minutes.

2. Meanwhile, chuck all the veg and fruit into the blender. Anything goes here – apples, plums, cabbage, courgettes, carrots – as long as it’s fruit or veg and it’s not an onion, tomato, grape or mushroom, in it goes.

3. Whiz it all up to make a thick puree. Then add in the liver, complete with its water.

4. Blend together, adding more water if necessary, until you have a thick drink.

5. Pour a reasonable amount into the dog bowl and watch her slurp it up.

You can freeze the rest if you have some leftover.



The content of this article should not replace the advice given to you by your vet. If you are in any doubt, please refer back to your pets veterinary surgeon