4 Myths About Pet Insurance


4 Myths About Pet Insurance

1. Pet insurance is too expensive

Pet insurance doesn’t have to be expensive - if you shop around, you can find affordable pet insurance policies for your pet. Along with a number of other providers, Argos provides a multi-pet cover option so that if you have multiple pets in the household, you can get all your pets on the same policy at a reduced price.


2.Pets with pre-existing conditions can’t be covered by pet insurance

As mentioned earlier, whilst most pet insurance policies won’t cover pre-existing conditions, this doesn’t mean your pet can’t be insured for future accidents and other conditions. The only difference is that any existing conditions such as diabetes and cancer which require ongoing treatments, may not be covered. Get a quote for Argos’s pre-existing conditions cover.


3. I don’t need pet insurance, I can put money in a savings account myself

Whilst we don’t deny this is a way of paying for your pet’s treatments, sometimes other unexpected things come up that you may find yourself using savings for. If you’re disciplined enough to keep money aside for your pet’s bills, then this is a great option, however be aware that treatment costs can mount up, which your savings may not cover.




4. Understanding your claim

Submitting a pet insurance claim is actually really easy. Most companies have a quick downloadable claim form to fill out. It is also possible to view an online policy document before a visit to the vets to check if your treatment will be covered, to avoid any disappointment later on.

Insurers like to make the process as quick and easy as possible for you, however it is the customer’s responsibility to read through the policy correctly, checking the terms and conditions and small print, and to know exactly what is covered and how much you can claim.

Pet insurance exists to give pet owners reassurance that should the worst happen, they will not have to worry about costs when marking difficult decisions about their beloved pets. Knowing that you’re covered financially means you’re free to enjoy your furry friends without worrying about the unexpected.


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