New Organic Shampoo from Fenton & Charles


New Organic Shampoo from Fenton & Charles

New organic shampoo from Bristol based Fenton & Charles, available in Lavender; Zesty Orange; Mint & Eucalyptus; Fragrance Free.

It’s been designed to offer the dog owner peace of mind that they’re bathing their darling in a product that’s natural, gentle and organic.


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250ml - £10.50

It’s been well documented that humans love their dogs as much as their own children, and it’s a feeling that is mutual. The bond between human and hound is irreplaceable and unimaginable if yet discovered.

So why would you use anything other than the new natural collection of Organic Dog Shampoo from Fenton & Charles for a spot of pampering?


Fenton Charles Dog Shampoo


The Organic Collection

The Lavender shampoo is gently soothing with healing properties and a calming fragrance whereas the Mint & Eucalyptus is beneficial when cleaning out stubborn or smelly stains, leaving a super soft coat.

The Zesty Orange scented shampoo boasts numerous health benefits due to the high content of antioxidant compounds, working to naturally balance the oils of your dogs skin, resulting in silky soft coat with extra shine, sure to get them noticed!

The Fragrance Free shampoo is the mildest of the range, perfect for those with sensitive skin or prone to allergies.

Instructions for use

The shampoo works best when a small amount is applied directly onto a wet dog and worked onto a light lather.

It’s been designed to be a low foaming product - it’s well publicised how harmful foaming agents can be for your own hair so Fenton & Charles have worked tirelessly to ensure their dog shampoos don’t contain them either. Just be sure to rinse well.

Benefits of using Fenton & Charles Organic Shampoo

The Organic collection contains absolutely no nasties - there’s no artificial fragrances, they’re all made in the UK using hand selected organic essential oils. The products are suitable for dogs of all ages (puppies included!) and all coat types.

When your dog means the world to you, why wouldn’t you bathe them in the best?


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The Fenton & Charles App.

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Their app makes it easy for you to order your dogs food on the go, keeps you up-to-date with their news and offers and gives you access to their loyalty programme.

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Fenton & Charles pride themselves on offering the very best hypoallergenic, grain free dog food and treats and their recently launched organic shampoo collection. As dog owners and fans themselves, they know of the irreplaceable bond between dog owner and human, and only make products they'd be happy to give to their own pets.


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