Why Bother With Pet Insurance? By Argos Pet Insurance


Our beloved pets become part of the family, so it’s important to treat them like that too. We asked Argos Pet Insurance to tell us why we need to bother insuring our pets against illness and accident.

Like us, our pets can get ill or injured which can result in unexpected and potentially significant costs. Having pet insurance ensures that if the worst happens to your furry friend, you can get a helping hand with the vet bills. There are several reasons why pet insurance is so important.


Pets become unwell

As much as we don’t like to think about it, our dogs and cats become unwell. Although some owners put money aside in case this happens, others may not be able to. It doesn’t cost you any more to pay for your pet insurance monthly rather than annually, which spreads the cost and helps make it more affordable.


Pets have accidents

As well as unexpected illnesses, pets can have accidents too. This could include bites and scratches from other animals, collisions with cars, or even just the result of being clumsy. Once again, this is something you don’t expect or want to think about, but it’s important to be prepared.

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Costly vet bills

There are a wide variety of veterinary procedures, and in certain cases, the costs for these can be significant. For example, the average cost of treating Lymphoma is £1,992, and on average treating epilepsy costs £1,744. These are averages, so these conditions can cost much more.  These costs are out of our control and usually unexpected, so without pet insurance this is large amount to find in a hurry for your loved one.


It can save your pet’s life

Sometimes, your pet may have a condition that requires multiple or ongoing treatments and therefore ongoing costs. In extreme cases, owners may sadly be forced to put their pet to sleep as they just can’t afford to keep on top of the veterinary bills. Although you may have a large amount of savings, these may eventually be depleted by long-term treatments, whereas the right sort of insurance cover will continue to pay for as long as the treatment is needed.



When your pets are young and healthy, it can seem pointless to think about insuring them. However, kittens and puppies are likely to injure themselves or develop conditions. On top of this, pets grow old – and over time their health can deteriorate, leading to health problems. Pets may also suffer from diseases and illnesses that affect them from a young age, so it’s important to get covered from the beginning.


Most pet insurance companies won’t cover pre-existing conditions, so it’s worth getting your new puppy or kitten insured as soon as you can before they develop any health issues. If you have left it too late however, Argos Pet Insurance’s newest policy might be able to help you. Although we don’t cover all pre-existing conditions, our newest insurance can include some pre-existing conditions that weren’t covered before, so that more pet owners are welcome.


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