Puppy Massage

Massaging has always been an amazing way to bond with your dog. It’s such a natural thing to do, that we often start doing it without even thinking. It’s also a great tool to teach confidence to handler and dog and has both physical and emotional benefits for the body.

Animal Physiotherapy Ltd have launched the Puppy Massage DVD. This is designed to teach you how to massage confidently and correctly in the comfort of your own home. It is a step by step visual guide so you can watch and try at the same time. Seeing a method done in motion is always a great way to learn, as you see the whole motion and can copy.

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The Puppy Massage DVD teaches how to massage every part of the body including full head massage with gums, back, neck, chest, abdominal and limb massage. It shows you how to create an ideal environment to massage in, within your own home or garden. It has guidance of how to use massage correctly to help with stress from a qualified and experienced behaviourist.

Massage is well known for relaxation. Learning to deliver effective and safe massage means we can all use it and not fear it. In using home massage, we get the puppies used to being handled all over their body making a trip to the vets or groomer a less stressful experience. It also allows the owner to do any home checks they may need to do, easily. As much as we hope our pets may never need any further help later in life, getting them used to massage means that if they do ever need a therapist, like a physio, then the owner will have some basic skills for the therapist to build on for home regimes. The dog will also be well used to the actions and not worry and will enjoy the process.

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Massage also has many physical effects on the body. It releases endorphins, which is the body’s own natural pain relief. These promote relaxation and a feeling of euphoria which can in turn reduce blood pressure, reduce muscle tension and promote pain relief. Massage increases circulation helping move toxins to drainage points in the body and moving fresh blood and nutrition to help feed the cells and therefore heal injuries. As a result, this means the information is great for any age dog and can make the Puppy Massage DVD a great gift for any owner. If you have a sporting dog, then this is a great addition to their training. Massage is ideal after exercise. This DVD is not to replace medical professionals, but is a learning aid for the owners so if you have any concern about mobility or health you must still consult your vet.

In order to deliver effective massage, it is really important that you are confident, happy and calm. You need to learn to be aware of your body and be comfortable and relaxed. It’s great to find time to put the distractions of daily life aside and have some time with you and your dog to relax and breath and enjoy each others company in a relaxed environment with some relaxing music. It is known that classical music does have a positive and relaxing effect on animals. A study even showed that playing classical music can reduce the amount of anaesthetic needed to keep a patient asleep. So we all benefit from one simple part of the process.

Once relaxed it is time to begin your massage. Its ok if the puppy isn’t calm yet or if you are nervous. Confidence comes with practice so do a little bit at a time. Both you and your puppy have to learn how wonderful this experience will make you both feel. As you get going you will see that you will both grow more confident and the effects of the massage will begin to take hold and you will both relax in turn. The massage is a journey to relaxation.

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Dogs often present their faces to you when greeting, so this is where you begin. It allows open communication and promotes confidence. If they present a different area to you first, then its ok to start there too. Learn your dog’s preferences. This may change through life, and like us people, they may be different from dog to dog. Some prefer a firmer massage and some a lighter one. You will learn how to use your hands appropriately as they are your only tool.

Massage is best delivered slowly and firmly for the most relaxing result. There are lots of massage techniques with different effect, though a circle motion is most often used. We use the lymphatic system to help us move toxins rather than the circulatory system, as it helps us to always rub the body in line with the fur. In the DVD you will learn all the methods for a safe full body massage on your own puppy or dog.

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Possibly the most unknown use for massage is massaging gums. This helps the puppy get used to having their mouth checked. Its surprisingly relaxing. Ensure you wet your fingers first. Everyone should be brushing teeth so this is a real help to making this an easier process, and a vet being able to check teeth without upsetting the dog is always ideal.

Head massage is something we naturally do. We all pat and stroke a dog’s head. Knowing how to make it perfect is a wonderful thing to do. Applying pressure at particular points, and stroking along bone lines really helps the dog build confidence with you and relax. There are all the usual massage areas, like safe massage of back, neck and limbs, but it also covers massage of the paws, abdomen, chest, and finally how to ground your dog so that they wake up well after the event and come out of it alert and relaxed but know that you have now finished and they are free to go if they desire.

Donna, the creator of the Puppy Massage DVD produced this in celebration of her 10year company anniversary. Prior to specialising in animal physiotherapy she was a veterinary nurse. Some of the nursing time was in a well-known dog and cat rescue home. Seeing how much some patients struggle with handling and stress was always upsetting. As an animal physiotherapist she could see how massage really helped the patients.

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T.V. Vet Paul Manktelow, founder of vital pet health, is in full support of the Puppy Massage DVD. He says “learning to massage your puppy helps to create a strong loving bond and creates confidence with being handled by you, your vet, therapist or groomer”. The President of the BVNA, Samantha Morgan gave a 5-star review “Donna explains each technique very clearly and shows how spending time with your puppy performing massage can be both therapeutic to dog and owner alike, these techniques will greatly improve the overall well-being of your puppy". 5 stars were also given by the editor of Dogs Today magazine, Beverly Cuddy “Every dog wants their owner to watch this! If only every puppy could grow up loving a human's touch. Donna teaches you how to get even closer to your best friend than ever before."

To get your copy of the Puppy Massage DVD

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