Learn How to Massage Your Puppy at home

Puppy Massage DVD


People have enjoyed massage forever, and many people take their babies to baby massage class, for all the benefits that offers. We want to bring this same concept to the animal world. We want owners to be able to learn confident, safe massage on their puppies.

They can then use this for the rest of their lives. So it's great for any age. Learning it in the comfort of their own home with a DVD means they can take their time learning, and create the ideal relaxing environment for puppy and owner. Puppies spend at least the first 2 months in a different home with their own mother, which is absolutely essential, but we miss this bonding time. This way we can make back the lost time.

The benefits of massage are well known.

This DVD is good for the whole family to use and is designed to:

Teach how to create a relaxing environment at home

Show excellent relaxing massage techniques

Increase circulation, which helps more valuable nutrition which is carried in the blood, get to all the areas its needed for a growing or healing body

Get the puppy used to being handled all over its body which reduces stress during a veterinary examination so the vet will be highly impressed

Increase a trusting and loving bond

Help move any toxins after exercise

Encourages the release of hormones that make you feel happy


We are well qualified to teach this lesson. During our company life span we have lectured to many veterinary professionals and owners. This includes for very high establishments such as the British Veterinary Nursing congress and Improve International, which is an education facility the provides post qualification education to veterinary professionals world wide.

We decided to film a DVD over writing a book as we feel strongly that it is easier to learn when you can see a whole action rather than just one picture and a written description. It makes this more accessible for more people. We are also well versed with working in front of a camera as we have now appeared on ITV daybreak, Alan Titchmarsh, and also Channel 4 Sunday brunch. We did an interview on BBC London radio. This all came through my work with the Pet Spa At Harrods in London. Here we worked entirely openly on display. This was, quite literally when we worked in the window display. There we delivered physiotherapy and luxury massage treatments.

We are making great progress with the DVD. Most of the filming has been done with a beautiful puppy in an outdoor location. Filming was done by Adrian Hamilton who also produced our film for the Barclays business award, where we came in the top 10 of! We even have Kayo coming over from Japan to do a Japanese voiceover! Its all so exciting.

We have had a long career with animals and we now want to share some of our knowledge to the greater masses of dog owners.

We are also really excited to say that T.V. Vet Paul Manktelow MRCVS is also supporting this project! Thank you Paul.