Ruff and Tumble – The Ultimate Dog Drying Coat

Established in 2013, Ruff and Tumble Dog Drying Coats are spearheaded by Norfolk-based Dog Groomer and Dog Lover Alison Priestley.

Frustrated by largely man-made products previously available, Alison sought an alternative in order to manage her four highly active dogs.

Long, enjoyable walks along the coastline would result in many back-breaking hours cleaning and drying her dogs in order to keep them warm and dry - fuelled by this frustration and the need to protect her house and car, the ultimate dog drying coat was born.

Unlike other designs, these unique and stylish coats are made from highly durable double-thickness cotton towelling, created to keep dogs warm, cosy and dry.

Based on the horse blanket design, the coats are incredibly easy to put on: once over the head, the coats are tailored to fit and have a cosy neck collar and a wide tummy strap, which fastens with Velcro.

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Soft and absorbent, these designs ensure maximum warmth and comfort without restricting movement - ideal for use after a walk or bath, during the cold Winter months or even during the Summer - simply soak in cold water to cool and revive - ideal to take away on holiday either in the UK or overseas.

They are also perfect for dogs recovering from surgery or after hydrotherapy.

Suitable for breeds of all sizes from Chihuahuas to Mountain Dogs

Continuing the theme of all things practical, yet stylish, for those wet dogs, Ruff And Tumble have just introduced two new great products. Fitted towelling dog bed sheets and Double-thickness generously sized towelling sofa throws. 

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